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by Erin Hahn


The only thing keeping nineteen-year-old Case Michaels together after the death of his best friend, Walker, is a list Walker left behind of things he wants Case to accomplish in his absence. So far, though, Case hasn’t even been able to continue riding bulls in the rodeo circuit, something he’s done his entire life, balking at the thought of competing without Walker by his side. But the list? Case is determined to follow it to the letter—and he follows it all the way to Winnie Sutton.

Eighteen-year-old Winnie Sutton just wants to keep her family together. She graduated high school early to work long shifts at the Michaels’ family ranch so she can support her younger siblings and a father who’s more than happy to let Winnie fill the responsible parent role. If she sometimes sneaks out to ride the horses herself and forget about life for a while—well, that’s no one else’s business—until the day she crashes headfirst into Case Michaels. Case sees her riding skills and immediately ropes her into competing for the ranch and becoming his friend.

Winnie and Case couldn’t be more different, but Case can’t help but be inspired by Winnie’s badly-hidden passion for riding and competition. And there’s something about Case that makes Winnie want to try grasping onto a dream for herself, whether that’s a shot at a rodeo trophy, the annoyingly handsome rancher’s son who won’t leave her alone, or maybe both.

Erin Hahn is the author of the YA novels You’d Be Mine, More Than Maybe, and Never Saw You Coming (September 2021), as well as the adult romance Built to Last (September 2022). Erin’s novels have all received fantastic praise from the trades, Country Living, Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan, and more! A frequently comped-to author in the YA contemporary space, Erin is a fixture in the YA community and has a devoted following.

Case and Winnie’s relationship in Even If It Breaks Your Heart is magnetic, and their chemistry—both as friends and as a couple—will make you fall in love right alongside them. Readers will be rooting for Winnie and Case as they help each other figure out some dreams are worth chasing down, even if you think they’ll break your heart.

Erin is great at writing both the light and dark of life, and this is not only chock fullm of banter, charm, and laugh-out-loud moments, but it is also a tender, raw depiction of grief and parentification that gets under your skin and stays there. This is sure to make readers both cry and laugh in the best way.