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by Thomas Kang


• Psych2Go YouTube channel has over 10 million subscribers

• Psychology made easy.

• Connect key psychological concepts to your mental health.

• Space to plot out story arcs, villains' motivations, and more.

• Learn and grow.

About the book:

This is an easy-to-understand primer on psychology that connects core concepts with how readers can change—and improve their lives. Understand why you do things differently from the rest! Connect the history of human psychology with practical mental health therapy tools to help you thrive in your everyday life.

Discover things about yourself! With The Psychology of People, learn about the history of human psychology—and apply it to your own life. Understand your innate need to conform, the roots of your social anxiety, how to heal and grow emotionally—and so much more!

An empath’s survival guide to psychology. Written by the creators of the popular youtube channel, blog, and website called Psych2go, The Psychology of People is one of the best mental wellness books that gives practical and applicable methods! From the ethics of experimental psychology to therapy techniques, The Psychology of People helps you develop empathy for yourself and others.

Inside, you’ll find:

• Your very own, therapist on the go, packed with practical methods and experiments

• How to understand and rewire your brain by discovering psychological-based patterns in yourself and others

• One of the best books about psychology, the history of psychology, and the ethics of experimental science

If you're looking for psychology books to read, mental wellness books, or books on human psychology, then grab your copy today! If you liked Collective Illusions, Read People Like a Book, or You Can Do All Things, you’ll definitely love The Psychology of People.

About the author: Psych2Go was started by a student of psychology at the University of British Columbia. The organization has grown to be a standout psychology and mental health informer, running an online magazine and YouTube channel with over 9 million subscribers. Outside of YouTube, Psych2Go is actively informing on curious topics within psychology to over 800,000 followers across multiple social media platforms. With an ever forward-moving presence in the world of mental health awareness through international expansions and key partnerships, Psych2Go aims to create a healthier world day by day.