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Why We Love Middle Earth: An Enthusiast’s Book about Tolkien, Middle Earth, and the LOTR Fandom
by Shawn E. Marchese & Alan Sisto

Why We Love Middle Earth: An Enthusiast’s Book about Tolkien, Middle Earth, and the LOTR Fandom by Shawn E. Marchese & Alan Sisto

The authors are the founders and hosts of the acclaimed Prancing Pony Podcast, which has won Tolkien Society Award for "Best Online Content" in 2020 and 2021.

A highly researched and credible about Tolkien lore.

Discusses a range of topics for all tastes, including the pop culture, movies, music, art, and more.

A celebration of why we love, study, and engage with all things Tolkien.

About the book:

The essential Tolkien companion for Fans of the Tales of Tolkien, Middle-earth, and more. Learn about the man who wrote The Lord of the Rings in this Middle-earth treasury. Full of answers to common questions asked by readers to learn about Middle-earth and the fandom, this book about Tolkien celebrates Why We Love Middle-earth.

This is the ultimate guide and companion to Lord of the Rings, that includes details about the movies, books, maps, and other stories—and how do they tie together? Intrigued by Amazon’s new show The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power? What’s considered canon and what isn’t? Dive into Middle-earth’s expansive lore with Why We Love Middle-earth, a fandom book about Tolkien’s work.

The perfect companion for any Middle-earth traveler. Written by beloved Tolkien commenters of The Prancing Pony Podcast, Shawn E. Marchese and Alan Sisto, Why We Love Middle-earth is the ultimate guide to the fandom. Newcomers and existing fans of Tolkien will revel in the dragon’s hoard of information inside.

Inside, find:

·An easy-to-digest guide map that deepens and expands the meaning of Middle-earth.

·A brief history of each of the major books and adaptations of Middle-earth.

·How to read, watch, or play Tolkien.

·A manual for fandom niches—what they are, where to find them.

If you enjoy fandom books or a good book about Tolkien’s works such as Atlas Of Middle-Earth, Recipes from the World of Tolkien, or Why We Love Star Wars, you’ll love Why We Love Middle Earth.

About the Authors: Shawn E. Marchese has been in love with Middle-earth (and progressive rock) ever since his teens. He’s especially drawn to the linguistic aspects of Tolkien’s work, and shares his obsession for languages with listeners every week as The Prancing Pony Podcast’s resident word-nerd. Shawn can be found at his day job as a compliance officer, writing, brewing ales, or working on his geeky dad credentials with his wife and two children. The Prancing Pony Podcast was the winner of the Tolkien Society 2020 Award for Best Online Content.

Alan Sisto: An all-around Tolkien nerd, Alan can be found enjoying Tolkien’s lesser-known works—“Leaf by Niggle” is his favorite—just as often as he gets lost in First Age histories and Third Age adventures. Alan has worked with Shawn for nearly six years to grow The Prancing Pony Podcast each season, and spends much of his working time producing the show. He also provides narration and commercial voiceovers (alansisto.com) and has also been an architectural photographer for 15 years (freshpageimages.com). His wife and two children give him the freedom to indulge his inner nerd.