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by L. M. Sagas


“A total blast. Clever writing, high-stakes danger, cinematic action, and witty banter—this book has it all. You’ll be rooting for these messy, lovable disaster misfits from the very first pages. Cascade Failure has earned its place among my favorite found family tales, alongside Killjoys, Mass Effect, and Battlestar Galactica.” — J. S. Dewes, author of The Last Watch

L. M. Sagas' fast-paced sci-fi adventure debut blends J. S. Dewes' Divide series with Firefly and Killjoys. A collection of contract marshals create an unusual chaotic found space-fam as they find the many ways to be—and not to be—human.

Only three real powers in the Spiral: Corporate power of the Trust versus the Union's labor's leverage, and between them the Guild tries to keep everyone hands above the table. It ain't easy.

Branded a deserter and on the run from the Guild, Jal "accidentally" lands a ride on one of their ships. Helmed by an AI, with a ship's engineer/medic who doesn't see much of a difference between the two jobs, and a "don't make me shoot you" CO, the Guild crew of the Ambit is a little . . . different.

They're also in over their heads when they follow up on a distress call from an abandoned planet. What they find is a mass grave, and a live programmer who knows how it happened. The Trust has a planet killing code to infect terraforming protocols. This isn't the first dead planet, and it's not going to be the last.

Unless the crew of the Ambit can stop it.

That means facing down the most powerful institutions in the Spiral, and coming up against the knowledge that maybe they don't work for the good guys.

L.M. SAGAS is an author of rowdy, adventurous science fiction and fantasy stories full of characters who live hard and fight harder. She writes to give folks a few good laughs, but has been known, on occasion, to tug a few heartstrings along the way. When she isn’t writing, L.M. daylights as an intellectual property attorney in Nashville and moonlights as a dirt-smudged gardener, breakfast food enthusiast, and professional pillow to the world’s snuggliest shelter pup. Cascade Failure is her debut novel. https://lmsagas.com/

CHAOTIC FOUND SPACE FAM: An enormously popular trend in science fiction and fantasy is found family. Sagas delivers with complex diverse characters who explore what it means to be human and whether or not they’re the good guys or the bad guys. This is the wildest crew since Firefly.

SPACE IS UNIONIZED: Cascade Failure has drawn a sf universe where power precariously balances between the fat, greedy corporations of the Trust, the not always worker oriented desires of the Union, and the Guild, ostensibly there for the common man. None of these entities are entirely trustworthy or blameless.

PLANETARY KILLSWITCH: The news is rife with ransomware sometimes even holding hospitals hostage. What if you relied on software to terraform a planet and keep it habitable? Worlds in this universe can be made deadly with the upload of a simple code glitch—no messy loose ends, and plenty of profits.

We'll be publishing Book Two, Gravity Lost, in July 2024. Thanks and enjoy!

“With Cascade Failure, L.M. Sagas brings to life a gritty, grippy, space adventure with the big time stakes of The Expanse, the engaging family dynamics of Becky Chambers, and the sweet, tangy snark of Murderbot.”—Chris Panatier, author of Stringers

“Cascade Failure? More like Cascade EPIC WIN. Fast paced, heart-felt SF goodness. Sagas' debut will keep you grinning from first page to last!”—New York Times bestseller Jason M. Hough, author of Instinct

“Fans of Firefly and Lois McMaster Bujold’s brilliant Vorkosigan series, Cascade Failure by L.M. Saga has you covered. A ragtag crew full of grit, genius, and quirks with weary hearts of gold, finding the mission of their lives in a ship like no other. I loved everything about this book, including stunningly original world-building that ranks among the best I’ve ever read. Get this one. You’ll thank me.”—Julie E. Czerneda, award-winning author of To Each This World

“Gear up, strap in, and hold on. Fast, brash, and wickedly fun, Cascade Failure is 100-proof space juice injected straight into your veins.”—Dayton Ward, author of Star Trek: Coda

"An unambiguous holler against taking the worst of our ways with us into the final frontier. An intriguing debut and a damn good adventure."—Zig Zag Claybourne, author of Afro Puffs Are the Antennae of the Universe