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by E. A. Aymar


Two estranged sisters—one a former social worker, the other a secret, violent vigilante—are brought together again in an unlikely journey to find who murdered their brother, a deeply troubled, famous jazz musician. NO HOME FOR KILLERS, a page-turning thriller, was released by Thomas & Mercer on February 1, 2023.

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NO HOME FOR KILLERS has reached over 150,000 readers so far!

An Amazon First Reads Selection for January 2023

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We are delighted to share that The New York Times Book Review gave a glowing review to NO HOME FOR KILLERS!

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Over 1,500 5-star ratings on Amazon!

No Home for Killers: A Thriller by [E.A. Aymar]

Page Count: 335

Letter from the Editor

A musician and a businessman, Markus Peña—the focus of E.A. Aymar’s new novel, No Home for Killers—shares a lot in common with my brother. Both rarely talk to their siblings. Both long for the fame that music can provide. And both have a habit of saying things that get them into trouble.

But while my brother is alive and well, Markus Peña is dead, and it’s up to his sisters to figure out what happened. One of them, Melinda, is a former social worker struggling with the truth of her brother’s life and fame.

Emily, on the other hand, is a rather violent—and effective—vigilante. And she will stop at nothing to punish the men who have abused women, harmed those weaker than them, and targeted her brother.

Part thriller and part family drama, E.A. Aymar’s latest book is proof that a novel can do it all—even inspire me to call my brother. Because, despite everything, family always runs deep.

—Jessica Tribble Wells, Editor

Reviews for the Book

“An affecting tale of what we do for the ones we love.” – The New York Times

“Think your family is dysfunctional? Welcome to the big time.…The perfect gift for friends worried about spending the holidays with their relatives. Things could be worse.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Aymar is at the top of his game in this bold, high-stakes thriller where no character is safe. It's excellently written, thought-provoking, intense and gripping with enough shocking twists and turns to keep you fully immersed until its stunning end. Don't miss this one!” ―Lisa Regan, USA Today Bestselling Author

“This is a bold, relentless, breathtaking thriller from start to finish. E. A. Aymar writes about complex, damaged characters with incredible grace, anchoring the heart of this book in family conflict and trauma. Taut and twisty, with intense pacing and perfect plotting, No Home for Killers is a remarkable read. I absolutely loved it.” ―Hilary Davidson, bestselling author of Her Last Breath

“Tough, haunting, full of surprises and vivid characters, No Home for Killers is hardboiled and thoughtful, riven with pain and spiked with humor, and never less than a pedal-to-the-floor thriller. A gripping read.” ―Meg Gardiner, Edgar Award winning author of the UNSUB series

“I had so much fun reading No Home for Killers. It's an action-packed thriller filled with characters you root for and bad guys you love seeing go down. I couldn't stop turning the pages. One of the best books I've read this year!” ―Matthew Farrell, bestselling author of We Have Your Daughter

“E. A. Aymar’s No Home for Killers is a breathtakingly paced thriller; a character-driven journey of rage and justice that will leave you pondering the subtleties between good and evil, and right and wrong. Violent yet sensitive, Aymar’s command of the noir thriller is on full display here, in what is absolutely his best book yet.” ―Jennifer Hillier, USA Today bestselling author of Things We Do in the Dark and Little Secrets

“Aymar skillfully blurs the line between justice and vengeance in a gripping tale of crime and its consequences. His masterfully drawn characters are at times both relatable and brutal as the tension builds through each shocking turn until the final twist that will haunt you long after the book is closed.” ―Isabella Maldonado, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Cipher

“This book is a delight from start to finish - by turns funny, poignant, and action-packed. Twists and turns to keep us guessing the whole way. E. A. Aymar is a master storyteller, delivering fascinating characters in a realistic setting. Make a home on your shelves for this one!” ―Eliza Nellums, author of The Bone Cay and All That's Bright and Gone

“With No Home for Killers, E. A. Aymar firmly establishes a home on the bookshelf next to fellow DC thriller authors George Pelecanos, David Swinson, and James Grady. The Pena sisters will stay with you long after you have closed the book, unless, like me, you reopen it to start right back at the beginning. Aymar is the goods.” ―Eryk Pruitt, author of Something Bad Wrong and What We Reckon

“In his new book No Home for Killers, E. A. Aymar blends Shakespearian tragedy with street savvy for an engrossing and entertaining novel like none other. Lies, secrets, betrayals, and delightfully whacky humor, plus the trials of romance, fill Aymar’s novel. No Home for Killers takes on the killers of our era―big money, horrors against women, racism, and personal guilt―with classic noir’s cool eye. E. A. Aymar is a benchmark in noir fiction.” ―James Grady, creator of Condor and author of This Train

“Astonishing, propulsive, and breathtakingly original, No Home for Killers confirms E. A. Aymar as the king of both complicated female and male characters. A masterful, twisty thriller but also a heart-wrenching—and at times wickedly funny—family drama, No Home for Killers sucked me in from the first page, holding me hostage until I reached its explosive conclusion.” —May Cobb, author of My Summer Darlings and The Hunting Wives

About the Book

The chilling story of two conflicted sisters, their murdered brother, and the secrets a family hoped they’d never have to face.

The murder of jazz musician and social activist Markus Peña doesn’t come as a surprise to his estranged sisters. Melinda and Emily Peña know their controversial brother had enemies. After all, even they hadn’t spoken to Markus since their mother’s funeral two years ago.

Who killed Markus? Was it someone trying to keep his latest protest song from publication? Was it the powerful and secretive uncle of his ex-girlfriend Rebecca? Or was it one of the other women Markus had callously abandoned?

To unravel the truth, Melinda and Emily must first face their own demons. Melinda, a former social worker, suffers from PTSD—haunted by the people she failed to help and unable to maintain meaningful relationships. Emily also pushes people away—afraid she’ll get hurt and afraid they’ll find out she’s Three Strikes: a masked vigilante who violently punishes abusive men.

Markus wasn’t a good man, but he was family. And it’s up to his sisters to uncover his lifetime of lies and the truth of his death.

Haunting, gripping, and relevant, No Home for Killers explores the conflicts that tear families apart—and the tragedies that force them back together.

About the Author

E. A. Aymar is the author of the thrillers They’re Gone and The Unrepentant, which both received critical enthusiasm from publications such as Publishers Weekly and Kirkus Reviews. His other thrillers include the novels-in-stories The Night of the Flood and The Swamp Killers (in both, he served as coeditor and contributor).

His column Decisions and Revisions appears monthly on the Washington Independent Review of Books. He is a former member of the national board of the International Thriller Writers and, for years, was the managing editor of The Thrill Begins, an online resource for debut and aspiring writers. He is also an active member of Crime Writers of Color, the Mystery Writers of America, and Sisters in Crime. He runs the Noir at the Bar series for Washington, DC, and has hosted and spoken at a variety of crime fiction, writing, and publishing events nationwide.

He was born in Panama and now lives and writes in and about the DC/MD/VA triangle.