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by Miranda Sun


HarperTeen will publish September 2023, and it sold to them at auction!

* Foreign sales: British (Magpie/Voyager), Russia, at auction (Eksmo)

Cara Tang is a ghost speaker. A fact she’s kept secret all her life at her mom’s demand. To preserve their fragile relationship, Cara does her best to be a dutiful Chinese daughter. But she can’t cut Laolao (who’s a ghost in the attic) out of her life the way her mom did. And she’s constantly getting into fights with Zacharias Coleson—the school’s golden boy whose smirk makes her want to set things on fire.

When Cara stumbles over Zach in the woods, seemingly dead from a magic snake bite and now haunting her as a sarcastic ghost, she’s tempted to leave him to rot. But when he offers her money—money she desperately needs for college—she agrees to help resurrect him. (And if she’s honest, she’s pretty sure school would be boring without their explosive spats.) Finding the antidote means traveling to the end of a mystical river, confronting monsters, unearthing a generational feud, and worst of all, facing her growing attraction to Zach.

With only seven days to save him, Cara must embrace the ghost speaking heritage she’s spent a lifetime ignoring—a heritage that threatens to sever the tenuous threads tying her to her mother and that places her in the crosshairs of a decades-old ghost.

About the author: Miranda Sun is a young, rising star in the YA world. She seeks to write stories with Asian characters starring as the heroes—who go on adventures, fight monsters, fall in love, and have their own kind of magic. Her writing has received recognition in numerous outlets, such as YARN’s 2018 Humor Contest, and she has previously worked as an editorial assistant for the online edition of Ninth Letter. If I Have to Be Haunted is her debut. www.themirandasun.com