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by Julie and David Bullitt

SECRETS OF STRONG COUPLES by Julie and David Bullitt

Personal Stories and Couples Communication Skills for Long-Lasting Relationships

Selling points

Authors are active on social media.

Communication issues afflict every couple and are the major cause of break-ups. Learn how to beat the odds.

Don’t just survive as a couple. Learn to Thrive.

18 couples talk about their relationships

About the book:

This is a book by a married couple ( a divorce attorney and a marriage counselor) about how 18 couples have overcome communication troubles and created healthy and nurturing relationships. Stories and marriage help tested by real couples, teach readers how survive and thrive after relationship and marriage fights, becoming parents, deaths, and other struggles.

Get partnership and marriage help tested by real couples. The relationship experts behind the bestselling The Five Core Conversations for Couples put together another essential couples book for relationships. Beyond The Five Core Conversation shows you how real couples have made it through to the other side of real crises—together.

Learn how to overcome couples communication hardships, marriage fights, and more. Walk alongside committed partners as you learn how to fix your marriage or relationship, no matter what life throws at you. Whether you’re dealing with infertility, job loss, infidelity, grief, or other relationship strife, these personal stories provide all the relationship and marriage advice you need to thrive!

Inside this essential couples gift, you’ll find:

Practical advice from authors experienced in couples, marriage counseling and divorce law.

How to persevere through life’s most difficult trials without losing each other

Real couples help from partners who share their difficult stories.

Readers of relationships books like This Is How Your Marriage Ends by Matthew Fray will love Secrets of Better Relationships.

About the Authors David and Julie have been married for 34 years.. Learn more about David and Julie at www.thebulitts.com. They are active on all major social media platforms and can be found @thebulitts on Facebook (2,500 followers), Instagram (3400 followers) and Twitter (1300 followers). David and Julie also have a weekly Facebook Live event—Couples Cocktails with The Bulitt’s—Thursdays at 7pm ET. Started in March, 2020, the Bulitt’s Couples Cocktails now garners over 1000 views per episode..

Advance praise:

“As a matrimonial lawyer of forty years, I feel that Julie and David touched upon some very difficult subjects that couples are faced with, but they are unprepared to deal with… The Bulitts’ courage in sharing their own story made me cry, but that in and of itself brings authenticity to the entire book. Well done!”

―Robin Taub, Esquire, matrimonial lawyer

“…is a vital roadmap for how to keep lasting love in your life, no matter what life throws your way.”

―Lyric W. Winik, NYT bestselling writer and coauthor of How To Be Human: An Autistic Man’s Guide to Life

“Want to save money and avoid divorce court? The family therapist and divorce attorney, married for more than thirty-five years, provide concrete advice for everything from infidelity to adoption that affect marriages. Read both this book and their first one and you may save your marriage. It's an eye-opener!”

―Julie Schoerke, founder of Books Forward and Books Fluent