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by JJ Johnson, Colleen Russo Canton, and Christin Sims


●Based on the work of 21st century icon, Jane Goodall.

●Ecology and wildlife for kids.

●Based on the new Apple TV series.

● Learn About Animal Endangerment with Jane Goodall

Readers join Jane as she dives deep on 10 different endangered species, with facts about how they live, what they eat, and what makes them amazing, while also taking a real look at the challenges they are facing, what is being done to help them, and how we all can work together to save them.

If your kid animal scientist enjoyed The Leaf Detective, Exploring Nature Activity Book for Kids, or the Dino Dana series, you’ll love Jane’s Endangered Animal Guide.

About the author:

J.J. Johnson is the creative force and founding partner of Sinking Ship Entertainment. He is a four-time Emmy-winning executive producer, three-time Emmy-winning director, CSA and WGC award-winning writer, and best-selling author. J.J. has created over 17 series including Dino Dana and Annedroids (Amazon Prime), Endlings (Hulu), and the Ghostwriter reboot (AppleTV+). originals include Jane (AppleTV+), an environmental action-adventure series produced alongside the Jane Goodall Institute.

Colleen Russo Johnson, PhD, is a developmental scientist with expertise in how children engage with and learn from media and technology. She is the Director of Research at Sinking Ship Entertainment, and actively bridges the gap between academia and industry.

Christin Simms is an Emmy-winning executive producer who has written and produced many projects with Sinking Ship Entertainment, including Annedroids, Dina Dana, and Ghostwriter and Endings.