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by Adam Mansbach


One World Trade Paperback Original

On sale Sept 26, 2023

From the bestselling author of the Go the F*ck to Sleep series, comes Mansbach’s novel GOLEM OF BROOKLYN a hilarious, satirical, and poignant reimagination of the Golem for our times. The story of the golem has many iterations throughout Jewish history, but Mansbach's is a big chunk of clay globbed together by Len, a mostly stoned art teacher in Brooklyn. This golem quickly learns to speak English from watching several episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm and it doesn’t take long for him to develop a sardonic wit as he considers the nature of his existence this time and the absurdity of his present situation as he continues to carry the trauma of his past lives.

As Len with Miri (a woman who knows Yiddish and who works at the nearby bodego who Len “employs” for help), and the golem go on a caper to seek the golem’s last creator’s only living relative, this seemingly wacky story expands into an incredibly clever, candid commentary on the Jewish tradition, modern identity, anti-semitism, and the dream (not just the golem’s) of its eradication.

This novel’s approach reminds me a bit of Gary Shteyngart’s work, with power, not just in broadly relatable humor—conveyed with precise and perfect detail—but in the way it is rendered with a sense of the absurd and the profound.

Adam Mansbach is the author of over a dozen books, including #1 New York Times bestseller Go the F*ck to Sleep, California Book Award-winner The End of the Jews, his memoir in verse, I Had a Brother Once, and most recently, the bestselling A Field Guide to the Jewish People, with Dave Barry and Alan Zweibel. Mansbach wrote the award-winning screenplay for the Netflix Original Barry (about Barack Obama’s early years). His next feature film will be Super High with New Line.

Author Site: adammansbach.com. Social: @adammansbach. He lives in San Francisco.