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by Ted Fox


A stay-at-home dad is drawn into a school board election to keep his high-school nemesis from winning—only to realize there's much more at stake, and much more to learn, than school politics. From a delightful new voice in fiction comes the story of a stay-at-home dad reclaiming his past and discovering a new future; SCHOOLED was released by Lake Union Publishing through Amazon First Reads on October 1, 2022.

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“Introducing a witty new voice in literary fiction, Schooled explores the uneasiness that comes with trading high-powered business lunches for leftover macaroni and cheese and the importance of taking the little wins wherever you can find them.” —Booklist

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Amazon First Reads Selection for September 2022

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Over 1,300 5-star ratings on Amazon

Schooled: A Novel by [Ted Fox]

Page Count: 281

Letter from the Editor

For parents of school-age children, the start of classes in the fall is often cause for celebration—after all, now it will be someone else’s turn to tell Amy to stop eating crayons! But in Ted Fox’s Schooled, stay-at-home dad Jack has just gotten into the groove of this whole full-time parenting gig and feels ready to up his challenge. Next level: parent board!

Unfortunately for Jack, the only pull stronger than service to his children turns out to be his high school rivalry with Chad, who moves back to town and decides to swoop in and run for the board himself. Is Jack a middle-aged man with a family and host of responsibilities? Yes. Is he above a minivan race or two to work out some latent high school insecurities? Absolutely not.

Schooled is a work of tremendous heart and humor, one that perfectly captures the absurdities of modern adulthood and parenting in a world where it seems everyone but us has it figured out. The truth this novel illuminates is that we’re all just doing our best and, like for Jack, our failures are opportunities to grow. And if we can laugh uproariously while getting, um, schooled? Well, those are the kinds of lessons it’s a joy to sign up for.

—Erin Adair-Hodges, Editor

About the Book

It’s no midlife crisis—just one dad’s rivalry with his high school nemesis.

Jack Parker didn’t set out to be a stay-at-home dad, but his professional dreams went up in smoke after he accidentally burned down his office building. Six years later, Jack’s got parenting his two kids down cold.

Then comes an unwelcome blast from Jack’s past: high school nemesis Chad Henson. He beat out Jack for class president, stole his girlfriend, and never had so much as a pimple in his four years of adolescent bliss. Now Chad has moved to the same midwestern town Jack calls home.

When Jack learns Chad is running for president of his daughter’s school board, he decides to run to settle old scores. But parent politics prove more cutthroat than Jack could have imagined, and he’s facing unexpected challenges in his marriage, too, forcing him to question his role in the family. Suddenly, the election is about more than Jack’s past. It’s an opportunity to discover the person he wants to become.

People grow up, but some high school rivalries never die. It’s time Chad Henson got schooled once and for all—and for Jack to learn a few things of his own.

About the Author

Ted Fox is the author of the jokebook You Know Who’s Awesome? (Not You.) and once solved the New York Times crossword puzzle forty-six days in a row (not a joke). He lives in Indiana with his wife, their two kids, and two German short-haired pointers who are frankly baffled there aren’t more dogs in his books. The recipient of a prestigious “No. 1 Dad” keychain, Fox was widely recognized as having the best swaddling technique of anyone in the family when his kids were babies. And not just the immediate family—grandparents, aunts, uncles, everybody. Anyway, Schooled is his first novel.