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PESOS: The Rise and Fall of a Border Family
by Pietro La Greca Jr. with Rebecca Paley

PESOS: The Rise and Fall of a Border Family by Pietro La Greca Jr. with Rebecca Paley

PESOS: The Rise and Fall of a Border Family by Pietro La Greca Jr. with Rebecca Paley. This illuminating memoir – think Traffic meets Billions, while reminiscent of The Godfather and Dallas—tells the story of a patriarch who exploited a precarious economic situation in a currency exchange scheme, and was eventually caught. At its heart, PESOS is a decades-long father-son struggle over the boundaries of loyalty and love. The book was released by Little A through the Amazon First Reads program on October 1, 2022.

Sales Highlights

#1 Bestseller in History of Mexico

Amazon First Reads Selection for October, 2022

Author Highlights

An essay penned by the author was featured in Newsweek

Pietro La Greca Jr. was featured in the author’s local California newspaper La Jolla Light

Pietro La Greca Jr. had a guest spot on the Paternal Podcast

The author participated in over a dozen Spanish-language interviews for Hispanic media outlets, including People en Español, Yahoo Noticias, Univision, Revista Contacto Total, Notistarz and Latinos in Georgia, just to name a few.

Press Highlights

PESOS was featured on Publisher’s Weekly

PESOS received great coverage and reviews in Hispanic media outlets including Vida Brillante, La Mejor Magazine, San Diego Red, The Milenial TV, Arizona Central and Noticia El Correo, just to name a few.

Customer Feedback

Over 1,200 5-star ratings on Amazon

Page Count: 237


“La Greca proves a snappy raconteur of this turbulent tale. Fans of true crime and epic family sagas will not want to miss this one.” —Publishers Weekly

“This standout true crime biography is gripping from beginning to end, standing as both a portrait of how money and power can corrupt and a reminder that it’s never too late to make a stand and save oneself.” —Booklist

Letter From the Editor

After reading Pesos, an amazing real-life story with larger than life characters on the border of Mexico and the US, I put down the book and was in awe that this actually happened. It reminded me of The Godfather with healthy dose of 1980s Dallas glamour.

Set mostly in the 1980s while Mexico’s economy is in a free fall as the value of the peso dramatically plummets, Pesos is the true story of a patriarch who exploited a precarious economic situation in a currency exchange scheme, and it wasn’t until years later that he was eventually caught. Think fancy cars, polo matches with royalty, fabulous homes, and weekend binges in Vegas, with people on both sides of the border committing crimes.

The memoir is told through the perspective of the teenage son who years later, living an ordinary life in San Diego, is now ready to tell his story. It’s a remarkable tale of a family and a son coming to grips with the life that was chosen for him at a young age, and how he overcame the greed.

—Carmen Johnson, Editor

About the Book

A true multigenerational story of how one family had and lost it all along the US-Mexican border.

Pietro La Greca Sr. was an intimidating Napolitano con man dubbed “Mexico’s real-life Don Corleone.” He ran Mexico’s biggest money-laundering scheme during the worst economic period in the country’s history. His was a world of fast cars, mansions on the water, and VIP treatment at Las Vegas casinos. His exploitation of Mexico’s financial free fall made him a wealthy man. But while he was running his criminal empire, his son, Pietro Jr., a.k.a. Picho, was learning his father’s tricks—if only to bring the man down.

An epic tale of greed, high-finance scams, drug cartels, and brazen corruption by the rich and powerful on both sides of the border, Pesos is as personal as it is lavish and fantastical. At its heart is Pietro La Greca Jr., who reveals a decades-long family struggle over the boundaries of loyalty, betrayal, and love, and his soul-crushing quest to free himself from the sins of his father.

About the Author

Pietro La Greca Jr. served as a senior executive in the financial software services industry for over nineteen years. A veteran of the wealth and financial technology industry, he earned his BA and MBA from the University of San Diego. He lives in La Jolla, California, with his wife, Michelle, and six-year-old daughter, Gabi. When he isn’t entertaining clients with salty stories of his colorful family’s criminal past, Pietro volunteers for local charities throughout San Diego and serves on the board of trustees at an independent school in La Jolla.

Rebecca Paley is the #1 New York Times bestselling coauthor of multiple books and lives in Brooklyn with her family.