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by Leanne Schwartz


In this lush, Italian-inspired debut fantasy, an autistic temple ward accidentally wakes a vengeful princess from her statue prison

In a city besieged by monsters and ruled by her perfect sister, plus-size sixteen-year-old Gia grows up desperate to prove her worth. After the powerful temple leader Ennio makes Gia the target of his affection, he uses her to overthrow her sister, and asks Gia to rule at his side. But when Ennio turns her sister and any dissenters to stone, Gia turns her sword against him—and he traps her in stone, too.

Centuries later, autistic Milo lovingly tends Gia’s statue. He hopes to earn a place in the temple of Ennio, the immortal protector. When Milo’s prayers free Gia from Ennio’s curse, she awakens to a world that worships the man who betrayed her. Now she must break the city’s faith in Ennio and avenge her sister.

Even if she has to kill his followers to do it. Even if she must hunt the boy who woke her.

LEANNE SCHWARTZ is a Pitch Wars alum mentored by Alechia Dow and Sheena Boekweg. Formerly a teacher, Leanne believes in hard work, actively dismantling systems of oppression, and the power of singing along to show tunes. She lives in San Diego, California. A Prayer for Vengeance is her debut novel.