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by Kimberly Brown


NAVIGATING GRIEF AND LOSS: 25 Buddhist Practices to Keep Your Heart Open to Yourself and Others

Prometheus, November 2022

Tagline: A trusted meditation teacher shares effective and traditional tools of kindness and wisdom in this personal and useful guide to caring for yourself after loss.

About NAVIGATING GRIEF AND LOSS: NAVIGATING GRIEF AND LOSS is a book for anyone who's experienced the pain of mourning, who's struggled to find a job, who is devastated by a bad breakup—yearning to rest, feel understood, and believe in themselves and the future. It's a guidebook filled with relatable stories and practical meditations to help navigate the profound experience of death and loss, be it an elderly parent succumbing to a lingering illness, the shock following a tragic accident, a divorce after years of conflict, or euthanasia of a beloved pet.

Filled with traditional Buddhist wisdom into the nature of life, each short chapter honestly describes a personal experience dealing with death or grief—staying at a hospice facility at a mother's bedside, feeling frustrated by the options for a terminally ill friend, or dealing with difficult family members in the midst of a crisis. Chapters are followed by compassionate and mindful practices—meditations, exercises, or contemplations that readers can use to discover insights and truths and bring comfort and friendship to their own struggles and sorrow.


1. There is nothing wrong with you

2. Change after loss

3. When You’re Angry

4. When You Know It’s Coming

5. It’s Not Fair: When a Young Person Dies

6. Sudden Death

7. If Your Family Disappoints You

8. Being Present in the Moment of Death

9. When You’re Too Sad to Move

10. Complicated Relationships, Complicated Grief

11. Grieving for Strangers

12. Beloved Pets

13. Divorce

14. When You’re Fired or Laid Off

15. Loss During a Crisis

16. Unspoken Loss

17. When It’s Time to Say Goodbye

18. When People Behave Badly

19. Don’t be Afraid to Laugh

20. Caring for Dying People

21. When You’re Filled with Guilt or Regret

22. When You’re Lost and Afraid

23. Mourning and Social Media

24. Letting Life Unfold—Going Forward

25. Honoring Loss

About the author: For over a decade, Kimberly Brown has offered classes and retreats that emphasize the power of compassion and kindness meditation to reconnect us to ourselves and others. Her teachings provide an approachable pathway to personal and collective well-being through effective and modern techniques based on traditional practices. She studies in both the Tibetan and Insight schools of Buddhism and is a certified mindfulness instructor. https://www.meditationwithheart.com/


“Brown's ability to help one navigate loss through a loving and compassionate lens, is exactly the type of approach to healing we all need.” – Nina Purewal, co-author of the international bestseller, Let That Sh*t Go

“What can you do to prepare for loss? Or can you prepare? Kimberly Brown writes poignantly about the loss of parents, job and friends and how we can navigate the bereavement process. Learning to respond in a wise, sympathetic and caring way is useful for everyone because no matter what—loss will come our way. Navigating Grief describes 25 practices to support us through trying times and is sure to resonate with anyone who has been impacted by grief.” – Sharon Salzberg, author of Lovingkindness and Real Change

“This book is a bell of mindfulness, waking us up to the reality of the uncontrollability of life, and it is also a balm that extends an outstretched hand to us, full of acceptance and understanding for wherever we may be on our journey with grief. It is packed with insightful and deeply honest personal stories of navigating the precarious landscape of loss that will instruct and soothe the heart of anyone struggling to move forward in the face of life's upheavals. Kimberly Brown offers concrete Buddhist wisdom on how to make it through the toughest of times by learning to direct our greatest resource--our mind, as well as simple and effective meditations for being with and caring for grief, anger, and confusion with tenderness and compassion. This is a timely and important book and I highly recommend it.” – Kaira Jewel Lingo, author of We Were Made for These Times: Ten Lessons on Moving Through Change, Loss and Disruption

STEADY, CALM AND BRAVE: 25 Buddhist Practices of Resilience and Wisdom in a Crisis

Prometheus, March 2023

* Foreign sales: Czech, at auction (Beta)

Tagline: Practical teachings to take care of yourself and others in uncertain and unsettling times.

About STEADY, CALM AND BRAVE: STEADY, CALM AND BRAVE offers simple and accessible ways to help readers during a pandemic and beyond. With short, stand-alone readings designed to help you through difficult circumstances, it offers the tools, understanding, and encouragement necessary to meet the extraordinary challenges we face today.

In this accessible and down-to-earth guide, meditation teacher Kimberly Brown shares honest and sometimes humorous stories from her life, family, and community to help us navigate difficulties—including social isolation, working from home, societal divisiveness, and worry for the future—with patience, clarity, and mindfulness. Incorporating practical techniques that provide on-the-spot support, Steady, Calm, and Brave will help you access and develop your calm, courageous, and loving heart to make skillful decisions and take compassionate actions for yourself and the world.

Chapter 1: How Will I Get Through This?

Chapter 2: Don’t Make It Worse?

Chapter 3: Living with Uncertainty

Chapter 4: Suffering is Not a Dirty Word

Chapter 5: Hope and Trust

Chapter 6: Love Yourself

Chapter 7: Living with Grief and Loss

Chapter 8: When Your Family is Making You Crazy

Chapter 9: Watching a Crisis Unfold

Chapter 10: Just Relax

Chapter 11: When You Need Help

Chapter 12: When You’re Mad at the World

Chapter 13: What do Do When You’re Afraid

Chapter 14: When Others Behave Badly

Chapter 15: When You’re Restless and Bored

Chapter 16: A Crisis of Faith

Chapter 17: Living Alone in a Crisis

Chapter 18: Don’t Lose Yourself

Chapter 19: Do No Harm

Chapter 20: Navigating a Heath Crisis

Chapter 21: A Note on Thoughts and Prayers

Chapter 22: Maybe You Need a Break

Chapter 23: Be Joyful When You Can

Chapter 24: Don’t be Afraid to Give

Chapter 25: What’s Next


“Kimberly Brown, with thoughtfulness and care, provides us with tools to survive the unusual times of 2020 in Steady, Calm & Brave. Broken down into relatable scenarios, Kimberly shares her insight, experiences and knowledge of loving kindness meditation to support healing through the stress of a pandemic and social unrest. Woven through the book are useful tips to deal with the uncertainty of not knowing and most of all, meditations to care for ourselves so we can care for others.” – Sharon Salzberg, author of Lovingkindness and Real Change

“Here is grounded, kind advice from a good spiritual friend. We need wise ways to think, especially now in these fraught times—because by helping ourselves, we can then help others.” – Venerable Robina Courtin

“Interweaving engaging personal stories, practical Buddhist wisdom, and modern psychological insight Kimberly offers a wealth of accessible contemplative resources to address the challenges and experiences so many of us are facing in these times. The warmth and wisdom I have come to know from her presence are reflected in her words. May this collection of skillful methods for cultivating kindness and sanity be of great benefit to beings.” – Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, author of Rebel Buddha and Emotional Rescue

“Steady, Calm and Brave is a clarion call for everyone today. The offerings within these pages are both timely and timeless. In author Kimberly Brown's own words, ‘Stand up for what is right. Be patient with yourself and others. Don't be afraid to cry. Listen. It's okay to laugh. Be grateful for everyone else doing the same for you.’ Yes! More of this, please.” – Chris Grosso, author of Indie Spiritualist and Dead Set On Living

“Mindfulness instructor Brown issues a sympathetic call to heal an increasingly troubled world in this comforting, useful guide…in upbeat prose, Brown’s short compendium of thoughtful blessings, practices, and readings strikes a sensitive balance between self-help—through compassion and acceptance when confronting feelings of uncertainty—and helping others in need.” – Publishers Weekly