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by Lisa Hannett

VIKING WOMEN by Lisa Hannett


Australia/NZ February 2023 · Thames & Hudson

‘Viking Women breathes such life into its subjects they sing.’ - Hannah Kent, best-selling author of Burial Rites

Let's travel in time together, a thousand or so years back, and meet Viking women in their hearth-lit world.

In this ground-breaking work, award-winning writer Lisa Hannett explores the lives of Viking women. She brings to vivid life the invisible women, the ones who sailed, settled, suffered, survived - and thrived - in a society that largely catered to and memorialised men.

Here Hannett interacts with Viking women as women - flesh-and-blood beings with fears and feelings - not just as names in Old Norse manuscripts or carved into stone. You'll encounter princesses and slaves, wives and mothers, warriors and witches, all women who are resourceful and petty, hopeful and jealous, and as fabulous and flawed as we are today.

LISA HANNETT is an award-winning Canadian-Australian writer and academic. While completing her PhD in Old Norse Icelandic literature, Lisa wrote short speculative fiction imbued with the flavour of Norse legend. She has written 75 short stories, most recently Songs for Dark Seasons (2020). Her work has been consistently reprinted in Year's Best anthologies in Australia, Canada and US. Her article in The Atlantic 'The Politics of Retelling Norse Mythology' (Feb 2017) reached over 500,000 readers. She has won four Aurealis Awards, including Best Collection for her first book, Bluegrass Symphony (2011). Her first novel, Lament for the Afterlife (2015), won the Australian National Science Fiction Award for Best Novel. In 2020, Lisa was awarded a university grant to research the lives of Viking Age women. In 2015, she received the Vice Chancellor's Award for Research for her work on medieval Icelandic sagas. Lisa is a reviewer for The Australian Book Review and is a regular guest on radio and podcasts about Viking culture. https://lisahannett.com/