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ETIQUETTE: The Least You Need to Know
by Jamila Musayeva

ETIQUETTE: The Least You Need to Know by Jamila Musayeva

146 pages / TEAS Press

Social Skills / Communication / Soft Skills

"Everyone needs more grace in their lives. My mission is to help spread that grace. Good manners, the lifeblood of

etiquette, breed respect and civility and eliminate confusion.

They create a better, kinder world."—Jamila Musayeva

In our frantic, ever-changing, social-media-saturated world, where outrage, attacks and deflections abound, it’s easy to get the impression that grace and good manners have disappeared. Jamila Musayeva has found evidence to the contrary. In less than three years Jamila has gained 640,000 YouTube subscribers, and netted over 18 million views, relying on her for warm, reassuring but expert guidance on many different topics, including advice on hosting and attending social events, business meeting etiquette, confident body language (sitting and standing), dating, how to wear and organize a handbag, the proper way to eat soup, hold a wine glass or how walk up the stairs in public (Ladies first….or not?).

Jamila’s video on Dining Etiquette 101 has over 4.2 million views:

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zA2PfKRcm0g&t=165s

Jamila knows the rules and the reasons behind the rules, And Etiquette: The Least You Need to Know demonstrates the depth and breadth of that knowledge, communicating all of it with an easy charm underscored by a playful visual style. The book has a simple yet sophisticated design that communicates a chief lesson of good etiquette: presentation isn’t everything, but it’s almost everything. In addition to many of the topics in her videos, she discusses:

- How to decode dress codes

- The Ins and Outs of Elevators

- Walking properly on the sidewalk with somebody

- When is it too late to arrive to a function

- When and when not to give a gift

- Knowing your glasses, forks, spoons and plates at a dinner

- Whether to use salt and pepper at a dinner party

- When and how to properly say ‘goodbye’ and ‘thank you’

- The Don’ts of Table Manners

Jamila Musayeva is a UK certified international social etiquette consultant based in Baku, Azerbaijan. Jamila graduated summa cum laude from the George Washington University’s School of International Affairs and obtained her Master’s Degree in European Studies from the College of Europe, Belgium. Currently, Jamila teaches Business Foundation and Etiquette at Oxbridge Academy, Baku. She is also the co-founder of Azerbaijan’s first baby gym, Gymbala.