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by Dr. Joanna LaPrade

FORGED IN DARKNESS by Dr. Joanna LaPrade

Written by an experienced psychotherapist, Forged in Darkness encourages readers to work with archetypes in mythology to stop rejecting the darkness within and instead learn to embrace it.

A profound and potentially life-changing guide to building a relationship with the darkness inherent in ourselves and our lives.

Joseph Campbell re-envisaged for the 21st century, this book unites psychology and mythology in an accessible way aimed at all ages.

Mythology is a popular trend, with Stephen Fry's and Madeline Miller's Greek retellings in the bestseller lists.

Joanna LaPrade, PhD, is an experienced educator and psychotherapist who uses these techniques to guide her clients through their own personal journeys.

Author has connections with a range of Jungian and academic institutions, wellbeing organizations and press outlets such as The Washington Post, which the PR campaign will draw upon.

When we search within, we inevitably find the underworld – lost

connections, failed enterprises, haunting memories, insecurities and buried secrets. This book unites self-discovery with mythology, returning the underworld to its rightful place – a dreaded realm that harbours profound transformation, richness and expansion.

Using archetypes from mythology, psychotherapist, Joanna LaPrade, PhD, teaches readers that experiences of darkness are natural and necessary markers along the path of growth and discovery. We all experience darkness, and this comprehensive and accessible guide will show readers of all ages how to embrace the shadowed parts of themselves.

For millennia, cultures around the world have told myths about the underworld. It is a tragedy that the only image we have in the West is that of Hercules, requiring us to be strong and defeat the shadowed parts of our life.

Forged in Darkness explores the archetype Hercules represents and turns toward other heroes and gods for models of journeying into darkness. When we question, learn to accept and make sacrifices, Odysseus is present. We acknowledge Dionysus when we reconnect with what is volcanic, unrestrained and feral. We may experience Persephone as we’re abducted from our comforts and connected to a mysterious authority within.

Joanna LaPrade earned her PhD in Jungian and Archetypal Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpinteria, California. She is a practising psychotherapist in Colorado and an adjunct professor at The Colorado College, where she teaches courses on Jungian and archetypal psychology.