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by Eden Appiah-Kubi

THE BENNET WOMEN by Eden Appiah-Kubi

This delightfully modern spin on Pride and Prejudice, which we acquired in a pre-empt, re-imagines the Bennet sisters as a contemporary sisterhood of diverse undergraduates united by their feminist ideals and bright futures. For these girls, love is a goal, marriage is a distant option, and self-discovery is a sure thing. A sparkling, delightful debut, THE BENNET WOMEN was released by Montlake through Amazon First Reads on August 1, 2021.

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Shondaland named THE BENNET WOMEN one of their 5 best books of September 2021

Motherly calls THE BENNET WOMEN a Must Read for the fall!

Goodreads featured THE BENNET WOMEN in their roundup of new and forthcoming debut novels

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Over 1,100 5-star customer ratings on Amazon

The Bennet Women by [Eden Appiah-Kubi]

Page Count: 365

Reviews for the Book

“Rich with hope and romance, and readers will love it.” –Shondaland

“An inclusive reimagining of Pride and Prejudice that Jane Austen fans are sure to fall in love with.” –Popsugar

“Appiah-Kubi’s unique retelling of Austen’s Pride and Prejudice gives it a modern spin with surprising twists and empowering storylines.” —Library Journal

“The cast of characters is diverse—EJ is Black, Jamie is a recently out trans woman, Tessa is Filipina, and Will has both Chinese and Korean heritage—and hearing EJ, Jamie, Tessa, and the other women who populate Longbourn discuss ambitious career goals, healthy sex lives, and more with unabashed frankness is refreshing.” —Kirkus Reviews

“It’s really wonderful to read a book filled with a diverse cast of women characters, and have them have dreams and ambitions outside of getting married or falling in love. There is romance within these pages, don’t be mistaken, but for the most part, you get to follow along as EJ, Jamie, and Tessa discover what they desire out of life.” —Real Simple

“Funny, poignant, and wickedly clever—I’ll be hunting for everything Eden Appiah-Kubi writes from here on out.” —Courtney Milan, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

“Eden Appiah-Kubi’s debut transports you into the laughter, love, chaos, and found family of emerging adulthood. The inclusive cast of characters wrestling with modern concerns is a delightful take on Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. The Bennet Women left me laughing, crying, and rooting for everyone. Eden Appiah-Kubi is an author to watch!” —Denise Williams, author of How to Fail at Flirting

“The Bennet Women takes a spin on the classic tale of Pride and Prejudice, and brings it to life in a modern day way, which kept me flipping the pages. From the witty dialogue, to the fast-paced plot, I was hooked from beginning to end. I highly recommend this story! What a ride!” —Brittainy Cherry, author of The Mixtape

“Appiah-Kubi captures the best of Pride and Prejudice, and renovates it for relevance in the twenty-first century.” —Brooke Burroughs, author of The Marriage Code

Letter from the Editor

Who is your Darcy? Mine is Matthew Macfadyen, forlorn in the fog, shirt undone, hair damp and mussed. Staring longingly at Elizabeth / Keira Knightley, unable to adequately express his earnest admiration and love...

Oh, I’m about to recommend you a romance novel—so, dear reader, if this is not the genre for you, please be advised. This book has kissing!

And what a delightful, fresh, heart-melting romance this is. Debut author Eden Appiah-Kubi has reimagined Pride and Prejudice, giving it a modern setting on a college campus. All the players are there, but now, rather than the Bennet sisters being actual sisters, they’re a sisterhood of choice, all living in the Bennet House, pursuing education in service of ambitious, varied career dreams. These ladies aren’t in need of a man, whether he has a fortune or not.

As I fell into this world somehow both nostalgic and new, I found myself wondering: Why are readers drawn to retellings? What is it about Austen that is so enduring, so alluring, that we keep coming back?

I think every generation deserves its own Pride and Prejudice. Everyone deserves to choose their own Darcy, and to see themselves in Lizzy (or Jane, or Bingley, or even Lady Catherine, if she’s more your style). Eden has written this book for today’s generation. Because we are all worthy of love, we are all deserving of representation, and everyone can celebrate a story well told.

After all, as Austen herself wrote, “there is no enjoyment like reading!”

—Alison Dasho, Editor

About the Book

Welcome to Bennet House, the only all-women’s dorm at prestigious Longbourn University, home to three close friends who are about to have an eventful year. EJ is an ambitious Black engineering student. Her best friend, Jamie, is a newly out trans woman studying French and theatre. Tessa is a Filipina astronomy major with guy trouble. For them, Bennet House is more than a residence—it’s an oasis of feminism, femininity, and enlightenment. But as great as Longbourn is for academics, EJ knows it can be a wretched place to find love.

Yet the fall season is young and brimming with surprising possibilities. Jamie’s prospect is Lee Gregory, son of a Hollywood producer and a gentleman so charming he practically sparkles. That leaves EJ with Lee’s arrogant best friend, Will. For Jamie’s sake, EJ must put up with the disagreeable, distressingly handsome, not quite famous TV actor for as long as she can.

What of it? EJ has her eyes on a bigger prize, anyway: launching a spectacular engineering career in the “real world” she’s been hearing so much about. But what happens when all their lives become entwined in ways no one could have predicted—and EJ finds herself drawn to a man who’s not exactly a perfect fit for the future she has planned?

About the Author

Eden Appiah-Kubi fell in love with classic novels in fourth grade when her mom read her Jane Eyre, chapter by chapter, as a bedtime story. She’s an alumna of a small New England university with a weird mascot (Go Jumbos!) and a former Peace Corps volunteer. Eden developed her fiction writing through years spent in a small Washington, DC, critique group. Today she works as a librarian and lives in the DC suburbs with her husband and hilarious daughter.