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Az Amazon bestseller listáján öt éven át szerepelt, sokan a valaha írt legjobb póker könyvnek tartják.

Az Amazon bestseller listáján öt éven át szerepelt, sokan a valaha írt legjobb póker könyvnek tartják.


* The Expanded Edition includes: More than 150 pages of new material with greatly expanded content and four new chapters, over 75 carefully devised practice and example poker hands that are analyzed in great detail, and free enrollment into Alton Hardin’s Essential Poker Math eLearning online video training course!

* #1 Amazon bestseller, Card Game Gambling and Poker categories!

* A top Amazon bestseller, Poker, together with the original Essential Poker Math, since 2015!

* 100,000 customers in over 130 countries have purchased the author’s books and taken his courses!

About ESSENTIAL POKER MATH: Poker Math Is Easy to Learn.

Poker math is a vitally important aspect to No Limit Holdem poker, but it's often overlooked or simply not used because many poker players fear it is too difficult to learn. I'm here to tell you it is not. In fact, fundamental poker math is very easy to learn. More importantly, it can yield you a lot more profits at the poker table. Without using simple math at the poker table, you are simply playing a guessing game.

Use Simple Math at the Poker Table & Increase You Winnings.

In this book I'll teach you how to use simple arithmetic at the poker table to gain a huge skill advantage over your opponents that will allow you to win more and lose less. Poker players that don't use math are simply guessing and you'll learn to no longer guess and know the correct mathematical move at the poker table. These simple mathematical concepts I'll be teaching you will drastically help improve your poker game and allow you to make the most profitable decisions at the poker.

About the author: Alton Hardin is a #1 Amazon bestselling author and poker coach. He has published five poker books and over 30 courses, where he has sold over 67,000 copies of his poker books and 33,000 students have taken his courses in over 130 countries. He is the founder of MicroGrinder Poker School—an affordable online poker school dedicated to both beginner and struggling micro stakes poker players, where he provides a wide array of free and affordable poker resources and poker training, including courses, strategy articles and training video series. Alton has been featured on the nationally-syndicated casino and poker industry talk radio show House of Cards and in Gutshot Magazine. Alton has been playing poker for well over a decade, both live and online. He helped pay his way through college, playing live low-stakes cash games in the early 2000s. Today, Alton enjoys playing the micro stakes for enjoyment and a teaching instrument. His primary gaming is 6-Max No-Limit Hold 'em, focusing on 25nl and below. http://www.MicroGrinder.com


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“Alton Harding, has taken Poker Math to a whole new level with this Expanded Edition. The book will teach you the poker math needed to improve your game and beat your opponents…. Harding explains the mathematical theories in a way that almost anybody should understand. Additionally, the exercises are easy to follow and comprehend.” – BookOnPoker.com

“’I hate math’ & ‘Just tell me what I need to know’, you say? Well, this is the book for you. The most important poker math is distilled down to easy to understand and digestible nuggets which will get your mathematical thought process on the right track.” – How to Play Poker Info

“Hardin’s simple to understand explanation of mathematics came through big time with this expanded edition. I caught on faster than I ever expected and have been able to improve my level of play winning more games. I enjoy playing poker more than I ever had before.” – Your Hand Sucks

“Thanks to the book have written from the math perspective, it’ll eliminate the largest weakness of the poker players. While applying math on the game, you can get wonders of it and this book is all about it.” – Poker Players Alliance