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IKEAHACKERS.NET: 25 Biggest and Best Projects
by Jules Yap, Founder of IkeaHackers.net

IKEAHACKERS.NET: 25 Biggest and Best Projects by Jules Yap, Founder of IkeaHackers.net

Ulysses * July 2017 * 304 pages with color illustration and photos throughout

The ingenious team at IkeaHackers.net show you how to transform affordable IKEA products into creative new furniture and more!

Step 1. Buy it at IKEA. Step 2. Open the box. Step 3. Throw away the instructions. Step 4. Have fun building your exciting new hack! By thinking outside the flat-pack box, author Jules Yap and the contributors to her wildly popular website IkeaHackers.net have come up with clever ways to repurpose IKEA's great products into even more useful and stylish furnishings for your home. Packed with ideas for every room, IKEAHACKS.NET shows you how to mix-and-match, cut-and-paste, and saw-and-screw IKEA items in ways they never imagined. The inventive projects include a cat condo created using LACK tables, a children's playhouse constructed from KURA bed and TROFAST toy storage, and a Murphy bed made from PAX wardrobe, BALLSTAD doors and LURÖY bed base. Each project comes complete with step-by-step instructions as well as full-color illustrations and photos.

Jules Yap is the founder of the popular site IKEAhackers.net that showcases IKEA hacks from all over the world. Her website reaches out to millions of IKEA lovers and DIY enthusiasts who take delight in an altered IKEA experience. She believes that IKEA products are blank canvases. One can stamp his or her own creativity and make these mass-manufactured products totally unique. Besides being the self-proclaimed No. 1 IKEA fan, she loves coffee and lives in Malaysia in her almost all-IKEA home. Even after 9 years, she’s still going strong on her mission to share the joy of IKEA hacking with the world.

The author has a long-time and terrific relationship with IKEA and they are 100% fine with the cover and the contents of the book.