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ON GETTING OFF: Sex & Philosophy
by Damon Young

ON GETTING OFF: Sex & Philosophy by Damon Young


World English Feb 2021 · Scribe Publications

The Netherlands Mar 2021 · Ten Have

The curious reader’s companion to sex.

How should we think about our most shocking fantasies?

What is so captivating about nudity?

What is the difference between the erotic and the romantic?

Philosophy has historically been odd about sex, its preludes and plateaus: silent at best, mocking at worst. Many philosophers have simply avoided screwing in their work—and sometimes in their lives.

On Getting Off introduces readers to interesting thinkers and theories, prompts reflection, and entertains with stories and jokes. Chapters feature ideas from European philosophy, alongside scholarship and literature from Africa, Asia, and Mesoamerica. Equally at home with Aristotle or Assblaster the sex robot, On Getting Off treats sex as the beginning, not the end, of a philosophical conversation.

Damon Young draws on the wisest minds in the philosophical canon to explore the paradoxes of the bedroom. On Getting Off will f**k with your mind.

DAMON YOUNG is a prize-winning philosopher and writer. His thirteen books include The Art of Reading, How to Think About Exercise, Philosophy in the Garden and Distraction. His works are published internationally. He has also written poetry and short fiction. Young is University of Melbourne Associate and a founding member of The School of Life in Melbourne. A prominent public intellectual, he has written for The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, The Guardian, ABC and BBC, and is a frequent radio guest.

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‘An absolute joy of a book—I couldn’t put it down. Its prose is as careful and lovely as a beautifully tended garden.’ - Nikki Gemmell, bestselling author

‘Young escorts the reader on a fascinating exploration of the roles of gardens in the lives of great artists and philosophers. Erudite, yet witty and accessible, Voltaire's Vine is intellectual history at its most completely pleasurable.” - Oliver Burkeman from The Guardian and author of The Antidote

Eleven great authors, and the ideas they discovered in parks, yards and pots.

Why did Marcel Proust have bonsai beside his bed? What was Jane Austen doing, coveting an apricot? How was Friedrich Nietzsche inspired by his ‘thought tree’?

In Philosophy in the Garden, Damon Young reveals one of literature’s most intimate relationships: authors and their gardens. For some, the garden provided a retreat from workaday labour; for others, solitude’s quiet counsel. For all, it played a philosophical role: giving their ideas a new life.

With lively prose and stories of great writers, Young shows how gardens are more than pretty ornaments, or hobbies to kill the hours. They can console or confront, calm or animate, tease or test—they are an antidote to modern distraction and disorientation.

Philosophy in the Garden reveals the profound thoughts discovered in parks, backyards and pot-plants. It does not provide tips for mowing overgrown couch grass or mulching a dry Japanese maple. It is a philosophical companion to the garden’s labours and joys.

‘Like a garden coming into spring... tremendous vistas of thought.’ – The Daily Telegraph

‘sprightly and stimulating’– The Spectator

‘Young writes with a delightful combination of humour and insight. ’ – The UK Literary Review

The Art of Reading


Australia/NZ 2016 · Melbourne University Publishing

Netherlands 2016 · Ten Have

UK 2017 · Scribe UK

US 2018 · Scribe US

China 2020 · Gingko Books

Turkey 2018 · Maya Books

Korea 2021 · 2B

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‘This literary study is serious but also witty and fun—a tough balance to strike, but Young nails it. Its short length belies a book heavy with insight, creativity, and wit’ – starred review, Publishers Weekly

‘Young’s latest…is a worthy challenge to read bravely, to regard deeply, and to weigh ideas with discernment and generosity.’ – Kirkus Reviews

‘An eminently readable, rousing, and hugely intelligent account.’– The Australian

'A philosopher of fierce intellect and erudition, but also playful and eclectic in his tastes.' – The Sydney Morning Herald

How reading can encourage us to be better people.

Text is everywhere, from stacks of Harry Potter or The Goldfinch to half a billion daily tweets. As adults in a literate age, it is easy to take reading for granted, to forget how unique it is.

But like writing, reading is not 'natural'. We are not born readers, we learn to turn words into worlds. So why is fine writing lauded, while excellent reading is ignored ?

In The Art of Reading, philosopher Damon Young reveals the pleasures of this intimate pursuit through a rich sample of literature: from Virginia Woolf's diaries to Batman comics. He writes with honesty and humour about the blunders and revelations of his own bookish life.

Inspired by Aristotle’s ideas of virtue, the book also includes ideas from thinkers including David Hume, Arthur Schopenhauer, Friedrich Nietzsche, Jean-Paul Sartre, Martin Heidegger and Iris Murdoch.

Devoting each chapter to a literary virtue – curiosity, patience, courage, pride, temperance, justice – The Art of Reading celebrates the reader's power: to turn shapes on a page into a lifelong adventure.