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by Juneau Black

SHADY HOLLOW by Juneau Black

Deep in the forest is a place where woodland creatures live together in harmony. Moose and mice, owls and bears, and many more call the charming village of Shady Hollow home. All is well, until a toad is found floating face down in the millpond. It’s something these folks haven’t seen before: a murder.

Foxy reporter Vera Vixen is new in town. She has a nose for news and catches the scent of a story, one that leads her to dark places. As she stirs up the still waters, the fox exposes more than one mystery, and the folks in Shady Hollow learn that some of their neighbors are shifty, while others are downright dangerous.

Vera finds more to this shady town than she ever suspected. Someone in the Hollow will do anything to keep her from solving the murder. It will take all of Vera’s cunning and quickness to come out alive.

About COLD CLAY (March 2022): Deep in the forest is a place where woodland creatures live together in harmony. Moose and mice, owls and bears, and many more call Shady Hollow home.

When autumn comes to the village, thoughts turn to harvest time and the glorious feasts ahead. But in a far corner of Cold Clay Orchards, a rabbit reaps a more grisly crop: the bones of a moose.

Soon enough, the owner of Joe’s Mug is dragged out of his coffeeshop to the police station to answer questions about the long-ago night his wife disappeared. Joe always said she walked out, but now it looks more like murder.

Foxy reporter Vera Vixen can’t believe gentle Joe is a killer. She sets out to find the truth before Shady Hollow loses its favorite coffee-slinger. To get to the bottom of the matter, she has to dig into the past, and into the many secrets her neighbors would rather leave buried forever….

About MIRROR LAKE (April 2022): Shady Hollow is a cozy small town filled with woodland creatures who live and work together. The local fall election is coming up and the campaigning is unusually fierce, since Deputy Orville Braun is running against been-in-office-forever Chief Meade. In the midst of this unexpected tension, a murder is announced, but there’s a twist: the victim is still alive!

The accuser, Dorothy Springfield, is an admittedly eccentric resident who claims her loving husband Edward is dead…even though he’s standing right next to her at the announcement. What can it mean? Edward has no answers, and most of the neighbors would rather ignore the awkward situation. They think Dorothy is delusional. Foxy reporter Vera Vixen has some questions, though.

In a quiet neighborhood along the shore of Mirror Lake, Vera discovers a few facts don’t fit, starting with a misplaced lamp and an unknown face in an old photograph. As she follows the clues, she must step carefully, because the election for police chief means everyone has an opinion about crime rates in town, and the law might prefer to sweep some messy matters under the rug….

About the author: Juneau Black is the pen name of authors Jocelyn Cole and Sharon Nagel. They share a love of excellent bookshops, fine cheeses, and a good murder (in fictional form only). Though they are two separate people, if you ask either of them a question about their childhood, you are likely to get the same answer. This is a little unnerving for any number of reasons. Shady Hollow is their debut novel, which they independently published in 2016, it was later picked up by Vintage/Anchor for publication in 2022. http://www.juneaublack.com

Praise for SHADY HOLLOW:

* Milwaukee Record “Former Schwartz booksellers spin tale of mystery, murder, shady animals in SHADY HOLLOW”

“With touches of sly humor in the narration and a number of literary allusions, Shady Hollow is a divertissement for bookish people, especially mystery lovers. Lenore Lee, a raven, runs the Nevermore bookstore. Sherlock Holmes gets a nod, as does Stieg Larsson.” – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel