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by Ewald Arenz


A Novel, 320 pp.; pub date 26 March 2021

English sample available

It’s looking like 16-year-old Friedrich isn’t going to get moved up at the end of the school year.

His only chance is to resit his exams – which means no holiday with his family, no summer.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, his mum tells him he has to go and study with his grandfather.

Friedrich is dismayed: he has always thought his grandfather rather formal and reserved.

His only comfort is Nana, his grandmother.

And Beate, the girl in the bottle-green swimsuit he met at the swimming pool a few days before the start of the holidays.

Despite all his forebodings, over the next few weeks he comes to see his grandfather in a new light, hears the story of how his grandparents met,

and falls in love himself for the first time.

A perfect summer – if it wasn’t for his best friend Johann, who comes across as cool and confident, but underneath it all is actually a very complicated person.

After his huge success ALTE SORTEN (Heirloom Varieties) Ewald Arenz has written a coming of age story, a novel about the first big love,

about friendship and family, about all the „first times“ in your life told through the eyes or our hero Friedrich, now a grown-up man,

looking back at the summer that changed his life.

The nostalgic tone, evoking the smell of summer, the rustling of the leaves and the excitement of first love

will capture you from the first sentence:

A novel that brings back long forgotten memories of one's own youth.

English rights sold to Orenda Books

Please do take a look at the first reactions from press and booksellers:

"In this novel, Ewald Arenz succeeds in telling a story that is conventional yet artful. [...] Ewald Arenz: a name to remember."

Denis Scheck, ARD Druckfrisch

"With great empathy and humour, Ewald Arenz tells of a time in life when everything still seems possible

because the magic of the first time lies over so many things. To preserve this energy,

this beautiful summer novel can inspire in a poetic way." Andrea Gerk, NDR KULTUR

"The Grand Summer is an enchanting book - a feel-good novel that you take to bed with you at night to read straight on

the next morning. In beautiful language, this book evokes memories of summers past. It is nostalgic, but not wistful.

It is simply a very beautiful book that does not weigh you down, but does you good." WDR2

"The Grand Summer is a warm-hearted, emotional coming-of-age novel in which one enjoys accompanying 16-year-old

Friedrich through this special phase of his life." Andreas Schröter, RUHR NACHRICHTEN

„There are books that should never end, and The Grand Sommer is one of them.

A wonderfully sensitive and upbeat novel about the difficulty of growing up.“

G. Schulte-Hostede, Hugendubel Ulm

„The story of The Grand Summer with its ingredients of first love, existential loss and the endless hot days

in the city appealed to me extraordinarily. (….) An emotionally credible and wise text.“

Cornelia Funke, Buchladen Ruttmann, Mainz

„I felt reminded of my youth, when the summers could not be long enough! With great pleasure and joy,

I read it in a few days and am a little sad that I had to leave the world of these four friends between the covers of the book.“

Sandra Bellini, Buchhandlung Bellini, CH- 8712 Stäfa

„This novel was an absolute delight. From the first page, the book captivated me. The protagonists, the mood,

the different facets of the story thrilled me. I felt transported back to my youth, when every summer was endless.

I underlined many sentences because they were just so grandiose. As you can see, I am absolutely thrilled.“

Monika Weidenbach c/o Buchhandlung Hoffmann, Eutin

„This novel is light and shimmering, full of warmth and a reminder of how blissful it was to be 16 and have the world at your feet.

Arenz has a language that enchants and allows the reader to be right there, you feel the wind and sun on your skin, you hear the chirping of birds

and the rustling of leaves, you smell the scent of earth, grass and flowers. This author is a magician and his book is delightful and beautiful.“

Gabriele Scheller, Scheller Boyens Bookstore, Heide

And also great news on ALTE SORTEN: still climbing the SPIEGEL Paperback Bestseller List to #5 this week – more than 200,000 copies sold!


A Novel, 256 pp.; pub date 18 March 2019

English sample available

#10 YEAR 2020 Bestseller LIST Paperback

shortlist Independent Bookseller’s Favourite Novel 2019

“Ewald Arenz writes in a quiet, literary, but very intense voice about the power of nature that can rebalance people

and help them recognize and appreciate the value of the essence of life.

A very beautiful book, and an absolute must read.”

Barbara Strauß, Westdeutsche Allgemeine

"Sensitive, insightful and true to life. A fine little masterpiece." - Dirk Kruse, BAYRISCHER RUNDFUNK

Rights sold to: Host (Czech), Nieuw Amsterdam (Dutch), Orenda Books (English World); Albin Michel (French); Garzanti (Italian); Yan Pasaj (Turkish);

Ewald Arenz, born in Nürnberg in 1965, studied English and American literature and history. He is a teacher at a secondary school in Nürnberg.

His novels and plays have received many awards. The author lives near Fürth with his family.