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Silver generation - Sexy women in their fifties
by Caroline Ida

Silver generation - Sexy women in their fifties by Caroline Ida


Éditions Kiwi, 16 x 22 |144 pages

Whereare women in their fifties?

Divorcedat 34, solo mom with two children, Caroline Ida takes on a few jobs until when, at the age of 56, she decides to reinvent herself...

" HereI am, embarking on a new journey whichinspires me. Everything I do from that moment onhas a meaning and, above all, gives meaning tomy life. I have again that feeling that I canhelp women through what I do. And I am my ownboss...

This isfreedom, myfreedom!

A liberating & positive manual to banish thefear of aging &break taboos.

Starting from thesimple and revolting observationthat womenover fifty are made completely invisible inour society,Caroline Ida decided to help them take backthe placethey deserve.

She writes aboutdiverse matters, from fashion tofeminism, without forgetting questionssuch as sexuality after the ageof 50, health & nutrition tips.

Resolutelybodypositive, this work is anode tothe sexywomenintheirsixties and to arediscoveredfemininity.

Caroline Ida isa senior model for many brands and is dustingoff the image of women in their fifties orolder. A feminist subject in the age of timethat remains however innovative and littlediscussed.