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by Stephen Hunter


Like Michael Caine’s Harry Palmer, louche but endearing British agent Basil St. Florian goes behind enemy lines to search for a religious text that might hold the key to ending the second World War II.

British special agent Basil St. Florian a cynical, quick-witted, swashbuckling, whisky-drinking, womanizing thrill-seeker. But Army superiors put up with him because, despite his proclivities, Basil gets the job done. Here, Basil must go undercover in Nazi-occupied France to search for an ecclesiastic manuscript that doesn’t officially exist, one that Alan Turing believes can end the war. A classic espionage thriller from Pulitzer Prize-winning critic, essayist, and NY Times bestseller novelist, Hunter whosePoint of Impactwas filmed as “Shooter” with Mark Wahlberg and became a TV series with Ryan Phillippe.BASIL’S WARis an expanded version of his Bibliomystery, Citadel.

Absolutely delilcious. A one-sitting read with a Pimm’s Cup nearby.

This is a classic espionage thriller from Pulitzer Prize-winning critic, essayist, and internationally bestselling novelist Stephen Hunter. Hunter’s attention to detail imparts an exquisite sense of historical accuracy, appealing to fans of the spy genre as well as World War II aficionados.

“Basil’s War is an outstanding World War II spy thriller. Basil St. Florian was the James Bond of his time.”

Nelson DeMille, internationally best-selling author of The General’s Daughter and Deserters

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