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Les 5 parfums de notre histoire / Laure Margerand

Les 5 parfums de notre histoire / Laure Margerand

The first perfumed novel…

After Charlotte’s baby son tragically died in his sleep five years ago, the trauma was too much

for her to take. She could no longer concentrate on her work as a freelance editor, her

marriage fell apart and most bizarrely she lost the ability to taste or smell anything.

Pierre-Emmanuel France is the #1 best-selling author in France who, after the publication of

his first couple of novels many years earlier, has been writing like a machine, churning out one

bestseller after the next without much effort. When his wife leaves him for another man PEF

decides to win her back by writing his next novel just for her; it will be their love story.

For this he needs two people: Gabriella, an accomplished nose who creates magnificent

perfumes and Charlotte, to help him craft his best novel yet. For each of the five chapters in

his novel, Gabriella will create a scent specific to that part of the story, and each scent will be

added to a bookmark included at the back of the book.*

Against her better judgment, Charlotte is pushed into participating in this project by her best

friend. Besides not having respected PEF as a writer in years, how can she be involved in

such a unique project when she no longer has a sense of smell?!

But collaborating on this project may be surprisingly exactly what she needs…

(* The five bookmarks, with these original scents, will be published with the real novel)

Laure Margerand specializes in cosmetics. Her first

novel Le jardin des étoiles mortes was published by

J’ai Lu in 2019.