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by Barbara Davis


In this moving work of women’s fiction from the bestselling author of WHEN NEVER COMES, the thing that drove one woman from her family farm years ago is pulling her back. THE LAST OF THE MOON GIRLS was released by Lake Union Publishing through the Amazon First Reads program on July 1, 2020.

Sales Highlights

Amazon First Reads Selection

Press Highlights

“Fans of Tana French, Alena Dillon, and Hannah Mary McKinnon will adore Davis’ multilayered tale of intrigue, romance, and long-held biases set straight.” —Booklist

Author Highlights

The author’s previous novel with Lake Union Publishing, WHEN NEVER COMES, is a #1 Kindle and Amazon Charts bestseller, and has reached over 450,000 readers.

Letter from the Editor

To my way of thinking, an inheritance is a good thing—it means the receipt of riches, heirlooms, and property. But for Lizzy Moon, it means something completely different. It means becoming the sole heir to a place she wants nothing to do with: Moon Girl Farm.

For centuries the women of her family have cultivated the farm. But now, in the aftermath of a murder on the property, the land lies fallow. The townspeople, always suspicious of the Moon women and their ways, accused Lizzy’s grandmother of the crime. Not one shred of evidence ever surfaced to prove her guilt, but the town held to its convictions. It’s the reason Lizzy left her grandmother and the farm years ago and planned never to return; she could never escape the ugly whispers.

But it turns out Lizzy’s inheritance isn’t so easy to walk away from. And it’s not just the farm. She’s also trying to shake the Moon legacy. The Moon women all possess mystical gifts passed from mother to daughter. It’s why after her grandmother’s death, Lizzy finds herself pulled back to the farm despite her vow to stay away.

It’s in this tension that the beauty of the story lies. Author Barbara Davis brilliantly tells a tale of the pull of the past and the transformative power of love. Through Lizzy’s journey she showed me how inheritance can be both a curse and a blessing...depending on what you choose to do with it.

-Jodi Warshaw, Editor

Reviews for the Book

“Davis uses a fine brush to draw complex, colorful characters, including a fiercely independent protagonist whose greatest obstacle is her own self-limiting beliefs. Stepped in equal parts magical realism and beguiling mystery, The Last of the Moon Girls is a captivating story that will leave you under its luminous spell long after you turn the last page.” —Eldonna Edwards, award-winning author of This I Know and Clover Blue

“The Last of the Moon Girls is an enchanting tale of letting go and finding forgiveness. A five-star must read.” —Bette Lee Crosby, bestselling author of Emily, Gone

“Woven through the compelling mystery and suspense that keep the pages of The Last of the Moon Girls turning is a story of a powerful family legacy and the discovery of the best kind of magic—that of embracing our own gifts and finding our place in the world. A glorious, shimmering read that resonated in my soul long after I finished reading.” —Kerry Anne King, bestselling author of Everything You Are

“The Last of the Moon Girls is reminiscent of two of my all-time favorites, Sarah Addison Allen’s Garden Spells [and] Alice Hoffman’s Practical Magic, because it’s witchy, full of plant magic, and painfully human.” —Kristen Fields, bestselling author of Lily in the Light

“The Last of the Moon Girls is a fantastic blend of mystery and magic, with the perfect dash of romance…a story of family and forgiveness and what it truly means to come home. From the first page to the last, I was riveted by the fascinating, heartbreaking story of the many generations of Moon girls—and, like all the best novels, I was sad when I turned the last page.” —Jane Healey, bestselling author of The Beantown Girls

About the Book

A novel of secrets, memory, family, and forgiveness by the bestselling author of When Never Comes.

Lizzy Moon never wanted Moon Girl Farm. Eight years ago, she left the land that nine generations of gifted healers had tended, determined to distance herself from the whispers about her family’s strange legacy. But when her beloved grandmother Althea dies, Lizzy must return and face the tragedy still hanging over the farm’s withered lavender fields: the unsolved murders of two young girls, and the cruel accusations that followed Althea to her grave.

Lizzy wants nothing more than to sell the farm and return to her life in New York, until she discovers a journal Althea left for her—a Book of Remembrances meant to help Lizzy embrace her own special gifts. When she reconnects with Andrew Greyson, one of the few in town who believed in Althea’s innocence, she resolves to clear her grandmother’s name.

But to do so, she’ll have to decide if she can accept her legacy and whether to follow in the footsteps of all the Moon women who came before her.

About the Author

Barbara Davis spent more than a decade as an executive in the jewelry business before leaving the corporate world to pursue her lifelong passion for writing. She is the author of When Never Comes, Summer at Hideaway Key, The Wishing Tide, The Secrets She Carried, and Love, Alice. A Jersey girl raised in the south, Barbara now lives in Rochester, New Hampshire, with her husband, Tom, and their beloved ginger cat, Simon. She’s currently working on her next book. Visit her at www.barbaradavis-author.com.