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by Andrea Hurst


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Tag line: The blossom of first love meets the golden ember of last love in this heartwarming novel of hope and second chances.

About SUMMER OF SECOND CHANCES: Shelby, at sweet 16, finds herself without friends, a place to call home, and still waiting for her first kiss. At the mercy of yet another move, she’s left to spend the summer with her grandmother at Moonwater Lake. Theo, a widowed, elderly man in town, suggests she start a dog walking business. Sometimes all it takes is one bright idea and an abundance of dogs to bond two unlikely friends and show them that dreams can still come true.

Theo is grieving the precious memories of his 50-year marriage. If not for his aging beagle, Wally, he wouldn’t have a reason to get out of bed in the morning, much less go for walks. Theo is pleasantly surprised by his awakened feelings of hope after crossing paths with Shelby and her grandmother.

It’s turning out to be a summer of many things: a summer of healing and starting over. A summer of friendship and unconditional love that will remind Shelby, Theo, and the town of Moonwater Lake that it’s never too late for second chances.

About the author: Andrea Hurst is the Amazon bestselling author of The Guestbook and the Madrona Island series. Her standalone novels include Always with You and the upcoming Summer of Second Chances. Her books take readers on a journey of the heart, to charming settings with memorable characters. She lives with her rescue poodle, Ellie, near a beautiful lake in North Carolina. www.andreahurst-author.com


“Refreshing and heartwarming, Andrea Hurst's Summer of Second Chances is a delightful story of new beginnings. You'll fall in love with Moonwater Lake. A delicious summer read.” – Dete Meserve, award-winning and bestselling author of Good Sam--a Netflix Original Film--and The Kate Bradley Mystery series

“Andrea Hurst's Summer of Second Chances is the kind of novel you fall in love with; it has everything you hope to find in a feel-good story. With multi-generational friendships, young love, and a pack of furry friends it is the perfect read for the young-at-heart.” – Bette Lee Crosby, USA Today bestselling author

“Andrea Hurst weaves a sweet story of how love rescues us all in her latest book, Summer of Second Chances. Readers will be charmed by Shelby and Logan, Alice and Theo, and all the wonderful people, dogs, and yummy food descriptions found in these pages. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!” – Judith Keim, best-selling author of Breakfast at the Beach House Hotel