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DRAWING WITH FIRE: A Beginner’s Guide to Woodburning Beautiful Hand-Lettered Projects and Other Easy Artwork
by Aney Carver

DRAWING WITH FIRE: A Beginner’s Guide to Woodburning Beautiful Hand-Lettered Projects and Other Easy Artwork by Aney Carver

Add instant rustic charm to your home with step-by-step tutorials and templates to custom woodburn your own personalized signs, home décor, accessories and gifts.

Kick your crafting up a notch with incredible handmade woodburnings! Whether you want to combine inspirational hand lettering with alpine charm in the Mountain Scene woodburning or complement your farmhouse aesthetic with one-of-a-kind Deer Silhouette Wall Décor, the art of pyrography is an easy, enjoyable way to fill your home with custom art.

Aney Carver is the founder of Pyrocrafters, and in this book she shows you exactly how simple this impressive craft is. With just a wood canvas and a woodburning tool easily found at craft stores, you can make anything you can imagine! Each easy-to-follow project provides a traceable design template, then walks you through essential techniques like outlining and shading.

With a variety of pieces like the darling Keepsake Box with Ink and the majestic Eagle Eye portrait, you can hone your pyrography skills as you create your own wonderful woodburnings. So grab your canvas and woodburning tool, because it’s time to play with fire.

Aney Carver is the pyrography artist behind Pyrocrafters. Together with her husband, Clay, she creates custom-made pyrography art. She lives in Prattville, Alabama.

Praise for Drawing with Fire:

“Saying that this book is amazing is simply not enough. It’s a fantastic resource for both beginners and more experienced woodburners. If you are looking for a fun and effective way to learn the art of pyrography, I HIGHLY recommend this book!” —Max Juric, creator of Lettering Daily

“Aney is a leader in the woodburning community. I am so excited for this book! It’s incredibly refreshing to find a resource that encompasses the entire process from safety to great project ideas. Enjoy!” —Megan Colwell, the Travellin’ Wood Burner

“As an experienced woodburner, I would not hesitate to pick up this book! Expect to become an expert in your craft after reading and experimenting with all these helpful tips and tricks!” —Mallory Romportl, creator of My Art of Gold

“Drawing with Fire shows you just how versatile, relaxing and useful woodburning can be, and gives you the information you need to dive right in!” —Rachel Strauss, of @woodburncorner, author of The Wood Burn Book

“Aney has created an excellent introduction to pyrography for anyone who wants to learn the practice. It’s easy to follow and packed with information, featuring a wide variety of protects that will help shape your pyrography skills. I’m excited for anyone who gets their hands on this book and a wood burning pen!” —Samm Moore, SammMooreArt