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by Li Jian

MULAN by Li Jian

42 Pages - Hardcover with dust jacket 236 × 231 mm

42 Pages - Paperback with flaps, 200 × 200 mm

The legend of Mulan and her bravery is captured in this book of beautiful ink paintings.

Mulan is a folk story from China’s Northern Dynasty (439–589) about the unusual tale of an ordinary girl named Fa Mulan. This book is illustrated based on the original ballad, which depicts her bravery through Chinese ink paintings.

From early childhood, Mulan had learned reading and writing from her father and weaving from her mother. She was a good martial artist and liked horse riding and archery. One day, the government drafted Mulan’s father into the army. However, he was too old. Mulan didn’t have an older brother and the younger one was not old enough to be a soldier. She decided to disguise herself as a man and joined the army in place of her father.

Mulan was very cautious because she didn’t want her secret to be exposed. Her excellent martial arts skills always put her on the front lines of every battle. During the 12 years she was in the army, she made great contributions and won admiration from her unit of soldiers.

After the war, the emperor invited the honored generals and soldiers to give them their rewards. Mulan neither wanted to be an officer nor to have money. All she wanted was a horse to take her home as soon as possible.

At home, Mulan changed her armor into a dress and fixed her hair in an elegant girl’s hairstyle. She came out and thanked her unit for accompanying her home. They were very surprised that Mulan was such a beauty.

“Presented in English and simplified Chinese characters, this is a good bet for libraries looking for non-European folktales or those that will work in a preschool or kindergarten storytime setting.” —School Library Journal