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EVERY PENGUIN IN THE WORLD: A Quest to See Them All, a narrative photography book
by Charles Bergman

EVERY PENGUIN IN THE WORLD: A Quest to See Them All, a narrative photography book by Charles Bergman

Sasquatch Books April 2020.

Tagline: Both a love letter and a call to action, this narrative and photographic book chronicles the author and his wife in their quest to see every penguin species on the planet. In the process, he muses about adventure, conservation, and what it is about penguins that captures our hearts.

About EVERY PENGUIN IN THE WORLD: EVERY PENGUIN IN THE WORLD tracks author-photographer Charles Bergman's forays around the southern hemisphere—from the Galapagos to South Africa to the Antarctic—in his quest to see all 18 species of penguins in the world. The sections of the book are organized around themes of adventure, science and conservation, and pilgrimage—in which stories of each penguin species will be touched upon. This endearing and thought-provoking book beautifully combines narrative and photography to capture the plight and the experience of penguins worldwide. The author and his wife developed a passion after seeing their first penguin species and have since spent years traveling far and wide to see each variety of penguin in its natural habitat.

About the author: Charles Bergman teaches English at Pacific Lutheran University. He's the author of three books, including Wild Echoes: Encounters with the Most Endangered Animals in North America. He's written extensively on wildlife and animals, including the 2009 cover story in Smithsonian magazine on wildlife trafficking in Latin America. He has a weak spot for the Southern Hemisphere, has completed two Fulbright Fellowships in Latin America, and has led five classes on study tours of Antarctica.


“What a wonderful book. Bergman is an apt ambassador to the southern ocean’s most charismatic inhabitants, and his quest celebrates the spirit of rugged wilderness. I love penguins, but this story captures a compelling slice of humanity along the way, too.” — Noah Strycker, author of Birding Without Borders

“Rarely have I read a bird book of such devoted science, spirit, and what Bergman calls ‘awakened wonder.’ Every Penguin in the World inspires the inner longing of our species for another with its majestic and tender photos and the intimate, often soaring prose of a seeker after that ‘penguin glow.’” — Brenda Peterson, author of Wolf Nation

“Charles’s passion for the natural world’s most endearing inhabitants shines out from every page, both in his words and his images. The natural world needs passionate advocates like Charles.” — Sue Flood, wildlife photographer and author of Emperor: The Perfect Penguin

“Travel the world and experience the challenges and adventures of seeing penguins in the wild without leaving your comfortable reading nook. The Bergmans have traveled to see them all, and their adventures and love of penguins shine throughout the pages.” — Dee Boersma, Wadsworth-endowed chair in Conservation Science, Department of Biology, University of Washington

“We sail south for love of wilderness, of nature’s beautiful extremes, of the wild absurdity that no creature embodies better than the penguin. Bergman’s prose is all of this, a journey across oceans following the kind of inspiration that every explorer will relate to.” — Ted Cheeseman, owner of Cheesemans’ Ecology Safaris and founder of Happywhale.com