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When my Heart Skips a Beat
by Valérie Cohen

When my Heart Skips a Beat by Valérie Cohen

Depuis, mon coeur a un battement de retard was published by Flammarion a few weeks ago as one of their lead spring titles.

Flammarion are putting a lot of marketing and publicity behind it and are also re-issuing one of Valérie’s Cohen previous novels as a paperback.

When My Heart Skips a Beat (original title Depuis, mon coeur a un battement de retard) is a heart-warming, tender and witty novel about breaking free from the past, with a sneak peak into the secret world of extra-marital websites. It’s upmarket women’s fiction at its best with a feel good element.


Is the world of extra-marital dating websites the way back to a first, lost love?

Emma is gorgeous, blond, and forty years old. With a glowing career running a fashion label and happily married for twenty years to Yvan, Emma’s life from the outside looks like a fairy tale.

But sometimes, having everything isn’t enough.

On one particular day every year, Emma allows herself to dive into the past, to remember Jean-Philippe, her first love who left her with no explanation. Every 12th of March, she heads to the Lismonde bookshop, buys a postcard, and gives it to Jean-Philippe’s eccentric mother Agnès, for her to send to him. Her annual, secret ritual.

While at a party one evening – ironically – a divorce party, Emma learns that Jean-Philippe is married, but also active on the extra-marital dating site Pom. Strongly encouraged by a friend, she creates a Pom profile with the crazy desire to see him again. Emma aka ‘Nostalgite’ is convinced that a certain ‘Cartophil’ is none other than Jean-Philippe. But is he?

Further revelations, twists and turns force Emma to face the past in order to better live in the present.