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by Addie Boswell, illustrated
by Alexander Mostov

GO BIKES GO! by Addie Boswell, illustrated by Alexander Mostov

Little Bigfoot/Sasquatch Books in April 2019. 22 pages

Tag line: This fun and colorful board book introduces children to the joy of bike riding and bikes in many forms. There are big bikes, small bikes and extra tall bikes, and old bikes, new bikes and built-for-two bikes, and more!

About GO, BIKES, GO!: Inspired by the strong biking culture and community in the Pacific Northwest, this board book features different types of bikes and the diverse people, young and old, who enjoy them. It features bikes children will recognize and some they can imagine, like bikes that wear shoes and bikes that fly.

About the author: Addie Boswell is a writer, artist, and muralist who lives in Portland, Oregon. Addie's first book, The Rain Stomper (Two Lions, 2008) won the 2009 Oregon Spirit Award. She was also included in Oregon Reads Aloud, a 2017 collection of the state's top authors and illustrators. www.addieboswell.com

About the illustrator: Alexander Mostov is an illustrator who takes pride in making playful, accessible pictures. His inspiration is drawn from plants, animals, and midcentury modern design. He lives in Seattle with lots of books and a mischievous little dog named Dziga.