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NEW MOON, FULL MOON: Japanese Lunalogy and The Power Wish Method for Finding Love, Happiness, and the Favor of the Universe
by Keiko

NEW MOON, FULL MOON:  Japanese Lunalogy and The Power Wish Method for Finding Love, Happiness, and the Favor of the Universe by Keiko

Kodansha (Japan), 224 pages / June 2017

The author is named Keiko, and she is Japan’s most popular and bestselling astrologer. She is also Marie Kondo’s personal astrologer. Keiko’s English skills are excellent, and she has a full-time staff to help her as well.

Keiko is very well-known in Japan and both she and Marie became famous at just about the same time in Japan, around 2009-10. They’ve been great friends and associates ever since. Marie credits Keiko with her tremendous professional and personal success.

Marie has committed to support the publication of this book around the world, and that could be either through a short Foreword or a cover blurb. This kind of support is not something that Marie typically does (she has never done it, in fact), so we think it will be very impactful. Marie’s willingness to support the book is a reflection of how much she and her husband admire Keiko, and how important they feel are her teachings for the world.

The translation is by a wonderful fully bilingual woman living here in New York.

“Astrology is not fortune telling, but rather the skill to read

the energy of the stars”- Keiko

Do you know why your wishes fail to come true? Japan’s Bestselling Astrologist does. More than 1.1 Million people in Japan have bought Keiko’s books -- now she’s sharing her secrets with the world.

Many people know about the “New Moon Wish”, which involves getting the support of the power of a New Moon to help your wishes come true. But there is exists a far MORE powerful method in the cosmos. To make the life you want come true, it’s critical to utilize the power and influence of the constellations at the time of your wish.

To realize maximum impact and effect, you have to use the specific words that have the most cosmic resonance, and are as relevant as possible to the condition of the cosmos at the time of your wish. This is the essence of Keiko’s POWER WISH METHOD – writing your wish at a designated time using words which produce powerful vibrations – and results!

Learning and then mastering these dynamic elements are the master keys to Keiko’s POWER WISH METHOD, which is far more powerful than any astrological reading methods you may have practiced previously. With Keiko as your astrological coach, you are actively involved in the path you chart for your life – this is not the passive, reactive sort of astrology with which many are familiar.

By following the POWER WISH METHOD you will improve your love life, your financial situation, your marriage and your career. Anything you have ever hoped-for can be possible. No prior experience or knowledge of astrology is necessary, and from reading this book, you will learn why your wishes did not come true in the past, and how you can make them come true in the future.


Keiko was born in 1963 and graduated from Keio University, School of Law. She is an astrologer and an entrepreneur. After leaving the Dentsu advertising agency, she began to provide fortune-inviting information by subscription. Keiko has many fans and supporters in political and business communities, as well as people from show business. Her subscription-based magazine has over 70,000 subscribers, and hundreds of thousands of readers in Japan.