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by Chantele Sedgwick

THE SUMMER OF LOST THINGS by Chantele Sedgwick

Sky Pony * June 2019 * 272 pages * YA, ages 12+

New town, new friends, new guy . . . and an old bucket list. The past haunts the present in the newest installation in the Love, Lucas universe of stand-alone novels by Changele Sedgwick!

After her dad is sentenced to prison time, seventeen-year-old Lucy Nelson and her mother move across the country to start over in the town‹and farmhouse‹where her mother grew up.

Once settled, Lucy is determined to keep her mind off anything ³real² and decides to pass the time by reading a stack of her mother¹s childhood books, which has sat in her grandmother¹s home for decades. When Lucy finds her mom¹s old summer bucket list shoved between the pages of a worn copy of Anne of Green Gables, she¹s eager to write her own list to escape her inevitable summer boredom. Feeling brave, she fills it with challenges she¹d never normally do and also adds the one thing that her mother had never crossed off the original list: Visit Susan¹s grave.

When Lucy befriends Mira and her handsome cousin, Jack, she begins to feel almost normal as they help check off her list. When she asks her mother about Susan, she refuses to talk about her. As Lucy falls for Jack, she yearns to tell him the truth about her dad and her old life but lies about everything instead. When her friends see through the lies and her mom reaches her breaking point over questions about Susan, Lucy must learn to trust her friends, try to bring peace to her mother, and to somehow find the courage to forgive her dad.

Chantele Sedgwick is the author of Love, Lucas, Switching Gears, and Interlude, all published by Sky Pony Press.