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by Katherine Coville

BRIAR AND ROSE AND JACK by Katherine Coville

Clarion Books - June 2019.

Tagline: Sumptuous storytelling combines Sleeping Beauty with Jack and the Beanstalk in a magical exploration of prejudice, justice, and the meaning of true love.

In a kingdom plagued by a cruel giant, Queen Merewyn gives birth to twin girls. One is sublimely beautiful. The other, the first born and heir, is so ugly that King Warrick is forced to disown her. As Princess Rose's birth is celebrated, the dreaded gray fairy—uninvited and enraged—arrives and casts the sleeping beauty curse. But which twin is cursed? The girls, Princess Rose and Lady Briar, are raised together, the best of friends, never knowing that they are sisters. Briar faces prejudice and abuse because of her looks and quick wit, while Rose is fawned on and adored. In time, they join forces with a serf named Jack to fight the brutal giant, while the villagers foment a revolution. Will Briar ever regain her birthright? Will the girls' wonderful friendship survive? Will the whole kingdom be destroyed?

About the author: Katherine Coville lives in Syracuse with her author husband, Bruce Coville, and has illustrated many of his books. Her debut novel was Cottage in the Woods (2015, Knopf) and she has a chapter book series, the first volume of which, Ivy, released in March 2017 from Knopf. She’s also an artist, a sculptor, and a doll maker who specializes in highly detailed images of creatures never before seen in this world.


“I finished reading this novel with my jaw hanging open. A whole country is captive to one tyrant or another, but kids make alliances with kids, and rebellions are born. Everyone has to read this!” – Tamora Pierce, best-selling author of Mastiff

Praise for the author’s previous work:

The Cottage in the Woods:

"Featuring a new interpretation of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, this novel weaves other nursery rhyme characters throughout the story. Beautifully written with thought-provoking vocabulary, it’s best suited for strong readers who will also recognize the themes of social justice. Highly recommended." – School Library Journal, starred review

“As rich with characters from folklore as it is full of heart.” – The Wall Street Journal

“Artist Coville, in her debut, fuses classic English mystery elements with fractured fairy tales amid questions of prejudice, with droll, satisfying results.” – Publishers Weekly

“The Cottage in the Woods is a story of love, hope, prejudice, jealousy and faith, and author Katherine Coville writes with witty humor and a healthy dose of truth. There are enough twists and turns to satisfy just about anyone, and the book features fun characters from many well-known children’s fairy tales and nursery rhymes” – Kids Reads