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BREAKING THROUGH GRIDLOCK: The Power of Conversation in a Polarized World
by Jason Jay and Gabriel Grant

BREAKING THROUGH GRIDLOCK: The Power of Conversation in a Polarized World  by Jason Jay and Gabriel Grant

Breaking Through Gridlock by Jason Jay and Gabriel Grant, with a foreword by Peter Senge, has become a sensational bestseller in China (Beijing Mediatime Books). We are still waiting to hear details of what has made this title such a huge success there, but the topic (fostering dialog and communication when the two parties are polarized) is very timely, and it has obviously connected with the audience there. Breaking Through Gridlock has sold well over 87,000 copies since it was first published a year ago, and continues to be featured in Chinese bestseller lists. We have also sold rights in Japan (Eiji Press), Taiwan (Maple House Publishing House) and Korea (Sigongsa). All other rights are still available. You can download the PDF of this book below. Please pass the news on to publishers who are interested in topical non-fiction books on dialog, conflict resolution and effective communications.

Think about the last time you tried to talk with someone about political, social, or environmental issues who didn't already agree with you. How well did it go?

These conversations are vital, but too often they get stuck, or we avoid them entirely. We retreat to our camps, frustrated that we can't move our cause forward. What if, in these difficult conversations, we could stay true to ourselves while enriching relationships and creating powerful pathways forward? What if our divergent values provided healthy fuel for dialogue and innovation instead of gridlock and polarization?

Jason Jay and Gabriel Grant show readers that when we carefully examine the moments in which conversations get stuck, we discover some hidden baggage we all carry. We hold assumptions and judgments about the “other side” that block communication. We treasure the comfort of being among allies, even at the expense of being effective. The authors help us acknowledge our inner contradictions to free us up where we otherwise get stuck so we can powerfully share with anyone, anywhere, what really matters and together find solutions that work for all.

Breaking through Gridlock invites us into a spirit of serious play, laughing at ourselves while moving from self-reflection to action. Through a series of six practical steps with proven exercises and rich examples, this interactive book walks readers through a process of transforming paralysis and effecting positive change in their families, organizations, communities, or movements.