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by Paul Colize


Paul Colize’s latest book A Day Like Any Other (original title Un Jour Comme les Autres) is a cleverly constructed detective novel about an outspoken international law professor who goes missing without a trace. The plot moves between Belgium, Italy and Canada and involves a cast of compelling characters including a Pulitzer-prize winning investigative journalist, a retired Italian opera singer and a webmaster specialised in unresolved criminal cases.

The novel will be published in March 2019 by the French indie HC Editions and received a brilliant endorsement from Michel Bussi, a bestselling and widely translated French detective writer.

Suspense, emotion, humour … a masterful writer -- ­ Michel Bussi


When Eric Deguide, a brilliant and outspoken professor at the University of Brussels, leaves for work one day and never returns, the only trace left behind is a car parked at the airport, wiped clean of fingerprints. The police have long dismissed his case as a voluntary disappearance; his friends have moved on. But almost two years later, his partner Emily Danjoux is still searching for answers.

Having withdrawn from her life in Brussels, Emily lives in self-imposed exile in a remote Italian village, where she passes her days practising numerology, singing Italian opera, and trawling an Internet forum dedicated to unsolved criminal cases. When new evidence emerges, posted on the forum by the mysterious Axe-L, Emily believes that her ordeal could finally be over.

But as this cold case begins to heat up, hopes are shattered and doubts multiply. And when the journalists of Le Soir take an interest in the case, they soon find out that Emily may know more than she admits to.


Paul Colize is the author of several novels including Back Up which has been translated in English (Oneworld 2018), German (Nautilus) and Czech and was shortlisted for the Rossel Prize and won the Prix Saint-Maur en Poche. He has contributed to Akashic Books' noir series Brussels Noir. His other awards include the Landenau Prize, the Polars Poupre Prize, Boulevard Prize for Fantasy, Arsène Lupin Prize, and the Plume de Cristal Prize. He lives in Waterloo, Belgium.