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SWELL: Sailing the Pacific in Search of Surf and Self
by Liz Clark

SWELL: Sailing the Pacific in Search of Surf and Self by Liz Clark

* The book includes full-color photographs throughout. They will be cleared for world use.

* SWELL hit #1 in 3 categories on Amazon (Adventure/Skiing, Outdoor Recreation/Skiing, and Surfing)!

* Liz has over 140,000 followers and likes from her blog, Facebook, and Instagram.

* The story of Liz’s on-board cat, Amelia, really hit a nerve with Liz’s fans. Read more here.

* Liz is a National Geographic Adventurer of the year nominee for 2016, and a Patagonia Ambassador.

* Foreign sales: France (Bragelonne)

“Clark, a lifelong sailor and surfer, chronicles her decade-long sailing journey. The book itself is beautiful, with each chapter beginning with a unique illustration, and many colorful photographs intertwined with the narrative…a cross between a work for display and a memoir. It will appeal to readers who enjoy the details of living on the water, embracing nature, and experiencing outdoor adventures.” – Library Journal

“Introspective and enlightening, Clark’s seafaring memoir offers a rare glimpse into the solitary worlds of sail and surf.” – Kirkus

Tag line: Liz Clark has sailed over 22,000 nautical miles of ocean—and discovered that the most important sort of exploration happens within

About the book: True surfers understand that surfing is not a sport, a hobby or even a lifestyle. Instead, it is a path, a constantly evolving journey that directs where you go, how you live, and who you are. In 2006, Liz Clark decided to follow the path that surfing, sailing, and love of the ocean had presented to her. Embarking on an adventure that most only dream of taking, she set sail from Santa Barbara, solo, headed to the South Pacific. Nine years later she is still following her path in search of surf and self and the beauty and inspiration that lies beyond the beaten path. In stories overflowing with epic waves and at the whim of the weather, Liz captures her voyage in gripping detail, telling tales of self-awareness, solitude, connection to the earth, and really great surf spots.

About the author: After college, Liz Clark left Southern California in her 40-foot sailboat to turn her dream of sailing around the world into a reality. Now, when not surfing perfect reef passes in the South Pacific, she works to raise environmental awareness through writing and photography. Liz, originally from Santa Barbara, is currently traveling in the South Pacific. http://swellvoyage.com

Favorite lines: “By becoming aware of my own internal struggles, I gain the ability to sense the individual challenges of people around me. I realize they are either going to look at their issues, or keep encountering them again and again in the universal struggle to find meaning, happiness, security, balance, and love amongst the storms of life.”

“The deeper my appreciation, the wealthier I feel. Out here, simple things evoke such abundant gratitude—finding a safe anchorage after being at sea, savoring a just-caught fish, the rare hot shower, sleeping in clean sheets, the unexpected kindness of a stranger, or finding a little wave to glide on! Afternoon’s sunbeam jewels shimmering on an open sea make me the feel richer than any diamond ever could.”