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The Dragon series
by Lorenzo "Drago" Visconti

The Dragon series by Lorenzo "Drago" Visconti

The Law of the Dragon (La legge del Drago)

Publication Date: 5/16/2017

Lorenzo “Dragon” Visconti is just out of Milan’s San Vittore jail, awaiting trial for something he didn’t do. But for that something, he has lost everything: his job as a policeman, his credibility, his faith in justice. He no longer believes in anything, except in his own law, the law of the Dragon. Because if legislation doesn’t work, justice must find its own way...or those who have no voice, like Micol, sixteen, apparent suicide.

But this particular suicide is too mysterious not to raise doubts, someone is trying to cover something up. The same someone who incriminated the Dragon. Someone who doesn’t know the power he has just unleashed.

The Choice of the Dragon (La Scelta del Drago)

Publication Date: 3/7/2017

The Dragon hasn’t finished hunting the one who incriminated him. But in the meantime, his hunt for his torturers is interwoven with a series of murders on the banks of the Po...the turbulent waters of the river have never been so red with blood.