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by Amina Akhtar

#FashionVictim by Amina Akhtar

Crooked Lane * September 2018 * 304 pages

#FashionVictim has a TV show pilot tie-in already filmed and in the works to premiere in September 2018 on E! http://deadline.com/2017/12/e-pilot-fashionvictim-cast-gina-gershon-laura-dale-camrus-johnson-1202219139/



Meet Anya St. Clair: aspiring fashion editor, style maven, velvet-rope VIP, Instagram trendsetter, social media chameleon, moonlighting serial killer. She never goes anywhere without her lipstick, phone, credit cards and switchblade (pearl-handled, naturally). Fashion faux-pas can prove to be fatal to anyone who is unfortunate enough to clash with her aesthetic or get in the way of her ambition for the top of the masthead at Vie, the ne plus ultra of fashion magazines. But when her BFF becomes top competition, friendly competition quickly turns fatal.

#FashionVictim is delectably dark, clever, brilliant: American Psycho meets The Devil Wears Prada for the millennial generation.

Amina Akhtar is a fashion writer and editor. She's worked at Vogue, ELLE.com, Style.com, NYTimes.com, and NYMag.com, where she launched The Cut blog. She's written for numerous publications, including Yahoo Style, Fashionista, xoJane, Hintmag, and for brands like Bergdorf Goodman and H&M's 10 Years of Style.