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BURNOUT: The Science of Thriving in a Stressful, Sexist World
by Dr. Emily Nagoski and Dr. Amelia Nagoski

From the New York Times bestselling author of COME AS YOU ARE (which has not been published in Hungarian), which was a groundbreaking look at female sexuality by Dr. Emily Nagoski, then a popular professor at Smith College. Emily’s next book, written with her sister Dr. Amelia Nagoski, is exactly the medicine we need in 2018. Emily noticed that the questions she got most often had to do with Chapter 4 from COME AS YOU ARE, which wasn’t about sex, but about stress and emotion processing. These issues are related to our sex lives because sex happens within the context of our lives, and residual stress and incomplete emotion processing hits the brakes on our desire. But these women wanted to know more about stress and emotions, in ways that had nothing to do with sexual desire, arousal, or orgasm.

When Emily needs to think an idea through, she calls her identical twin sister, Amelia, who happens to be one of the very few female musical conductors in a very male field. “People keep telling me the most important information in my sex book is the chapter on The Feels,” Emily said. “Of course,” Amelia said. “Nobody teaches us how to feel our Feels, or even that Feels are a thing. I only learned it because I had to, as a conductor. And it saved my life. Twice.”

BURNOUT is being written by both Emily and Amelia, bringing rigorous science, but also their deeply empathetic and funny voices to the page – accessible and engaging! Think of it as Bessel van der Kolk’s BODY KEEPS THE SCORE meets Brigid Schulte’s OVERWHELMED.

This will be the first book about stress to really look at its gendered experience. The statistics on higher mental health issues for women are not a coincidence. As the #MeToo movement has shown, stress and burnout and oppression are different for women, and that’s real. This is a feminist book about the new science of stress.

The takeaways from BURNOUT are concrete and life-changing; Emily and Amelia present big ideas with prescriptive lessons that anyone can implement.