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MAKE ELEPHANTS FLY: The Process of Radical Innovation
by Steven Hoffman

MAKE ELEPHANTS FLY: The Process of Radical Innovation by Steven Hoffman

* Sold to Hachette at auction, with four publishers bidding!

* Already sold to CITIC Press in China, at auction, with six publishers bidding, for six figures!

British (Piatkus), China (China CITIC), Korea (Diamond, Inc.), The Netherlands (Scriptum), Taiwan (Business Weekly), and Vietnam (Viet Culture and Education)

About the book: To innovate in today’s cutthroat business climate you must have a grand vision, devise advanced—often disruptive—technology, let intuition take the wheel, amass capital to attract the best and brightest, gain access to innumerable resources, and create the most desirable products and services. Or do you?

Steven Hoffman has forged a different playbook. Having worked on the front lines of innovation with hundreds of Silicon Valley startups, where he’s helped develop their business models, conceive inventive products, raise money, and scale their companies, he knows what works and what doesn’t. As the Captain and Chief of Founders Space, one of the world’s leading incubators and accelerators (ranked by Inc. Magazine as a Top Ten incubator in the world), he reveals counterintuitive secrets to Silicon Valley success, and has already trained and educated people from 22 countries. He preaches thinking small, focusing on design innovation not technology, making data king, valuing user experience and market share over profit, and emphasizing learning over the rate at which a product is brought to market. In MAKING ELEPHANTS FLY: The Process of Radical Innovation, Hoffman encapsulates his wisdom and insights that he’s gained in the trenches as a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and corporate executive. Readers will learn about cutting-edge management processes, best practices, the importance of irrational optimism, the critical role of timing, and, through case studies, the pitfalls that have quashed many a fledgling company.

While there are myriad business books on innovation, none examines the methodologies used inside a Silicon Valley incubator and how they can be adapted for all businesses—from international behemoths to garage startups. MAKING ELEPHANTS FLY speaks to anyone committed to success as an entrepreneur, corporate executive, manager, small business owner, or independent professional. As Steven Hoffman writes in the attached pages: “Innovation is no longer an option—it’s the price of admission into the business world.”

About the author: Steven Hoffman’s network includes numerous Silicon Valley luminaries, such as Reid Hoffman, Marc Benioff, and Guy Kawasaki, as well as key executives at Fortune 500 companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google. His media reach is ever-expanding, with past coverage including Forbes, Inc., The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. For the past 5 years, Hoffman and his team have been building Founders Space, one of the world’s top incubators and accelerators. Founders Space has over 50 partners globally. This includes partners in China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, India, UK, France, Austria, Germany, Brazil, South Africa, etc. Hoffman has given hundreds of talks, seminars and keynotes to CEOs, entrepreneurs and executives. He has produced over 100 videos on startups, business and entrepreneurship that are part of the Founders Space Online Incubation Program being used in 22 countries around the world. Steve Hoffman’s important contribution to economies the world over couldn’t arrive at a better time. Be sure to check out Steve’s more extensive bio in the attached proposal. http://www.foundersspace.com/