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by Amulya Malladi


Reviews for the Book

A Liz and Lisa Best Book of the Month

“A sharp comedy of manners and mental illness.” —New York Post

“[Sanya] is a complicated character readers will enjoy getting to know; they’ll cheer as she throws off the strictures of the corporate world and defies her peers’ rich, expat, ladies-who-lunch expectations…Malladi’s latest (after A House for Happy Mothers) is an enjoyable look at middle-aged reinvention. VERDICT For readers who enjoy a complex heroine who’s fed up and doesn’t mind saying so.” —Library Journal

“The Copenhagen Affair balances the gravity of personal transformation with an entertaining romp through Denmark.” —Booklist

“Malladi provides valuable insight through her character into the plight of depressed people. She portrays Sanya as the perfect wife and employee who then ‘started to crave jagged lines and disorder,’ ‘say the unsaid things’ and ‘to feel everything at a time when she felt nothing.’…A feel-good book, as any romance should be, and Malladi skillfully keeps the reader in suspense to the end.” —Authorlink

“Amulya Malladi brings Denmark’s capitol into brilliant color in this intriguing novel about a marriage on the brink, a wife’s precarious emotional stability, and the international business deal that could either save or ruin everything. The Copenhagen Affair reminds us that we must each decide what we are willing to risk to build our fortunes and find our true happiness.” —Julie Lawson Timmer, author of Five Days Left, Untethered, and Mrs. Saint and the Defectives

“Amulya Malladi’s The Copenhagen Affair is an entertaining romp of a read! As we travel with Sanya on her search for happiness, love, balance, and the meaning of life, we end up, as she does, completely captivated by a swirl of infidelity, corporate intrigue, and the very particular habits of Copenhagen’s café class. Along with surprises, twists, and humor, Malladi gives us an intimate look at a city she clearly loves and knows well. I was captivated to the end.” —Nancy Star, bestselling author of Sisters One, Two, Three

“Compulsively readable, The Copenhagen Affair had me turning pages well into the wee hours. The story of Sanya’s unraveling is familiar to anyone who has ever felt the overbearing weight of depression, but how she heals from her downward spiral is anything but ordinary. From gossipy coffee shops to gritty blues clubs to the dining rooms of the Danish elite, Sanya’s impulsive, exciting, [and] often humorous journey through the colorful streets of Copenhagen is full of surprises. I could not put the book down!” —Loretta Nyhan, author of All the Good Parts

“The Copenhagen Affair is both a fun romp through the streets of Copenhagen and a serious mediation on marriage, fidelity, and depression. Malladi’s writing is sharp, irreverent, and fast-paced, and she keeps the reader guessing at every turn.” —Emily Cavanagh, author of The Bloom Girls

About the Book

Set in the capital city of the world’s happiest country, a comedy of manners about depression, the pressures of marriage, and the possibility of falling in love again, from the bestselling author of A House for Happy Mothers.

Sanya was always the perfect wife, but after a breakdown at her office, it’s her husband Harry’s turn to step up. His proposal? A temporary move to Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital city. He needs to be there to close a business deal and figures the change of scenery will do her good. Soon Sanya goes from hiding under her duvet to hiding in plain sight—a dark-skinned Indian American in a city of blondes.

Within Copenhagen’s glamorous high society, one man stands out—not only because of his intriguing scar but because he sees Sanya in a way Harry hasn’t for years. Anders Ravn owns the company Harry wants to acquire, and soon Sanya begins to fall for him. As allegations of white-collar crime arise, she learns of Harry’s infidelity, and having an affair with Anders seems ever more tempting. Surrounded by old money, smoked fish on dark breads, and way too many bicycles, Sanya slowly moves from breakdown to breakthrough, but where will she end up—and with whom?

About the Author

Amulya Malladi is the author of seven novels, including A House for Happy Mothers, The Sound of Language, and The Mango Season. Her books have been translated into several languages, including Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Danish, Romanian, Serbian, and Tamil. She has a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a master’s degree in journalism. When she’s not writing, she works as a marketing executive. After several years in Copenhagen, she now lives outside Los Angeles with her husband and two children. Connect with Amulya at www.amulyamalladi.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/authoramulya.