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by Amy Murray

DRIFT by Amy Murray

Tagline: Death may tear them apart—again...

About DRIFT: I’m not crazy. My mother may have died with everyone believing she was insane, but I refuse to accept that as my fate. Even if I am recalling memories about a life I never lived. A life that includes the mysterious James—a guy I’ve only just met, but feel as if I’ve known all my life. The memories are coming hard and fast, and I’m falling down a rabbit hole with consequences that far exceed anything I could have ever imagined. And now, someone is trying to kill me. Someone from my past who knows about my visions and is looking for something he believes I took from him. All I have to do is figure out how these memories relate to the present and maybe I’ll survive to live another day. Maybe….

About the author: Amy Murray graduated from the University of Houston with a B.S. in Psychology. After a brief stint as a high school English teacher, Amy switched gears and opened the first of two successful dance studios in the northwest Houston area. Retirement came in the form of the first of her two children, and needing a creative outlet, she turned to writing. She and her family live in Houston, and when she can’t escape to Galveston bay, she enjoys modern quilting. She promises it’s cooler than it sounds. Drift is her debut book. http://www.amymurrayauthor.com/

Why we love DRIFT: DRIFT is wild ride full of twists, turns, secrets, and time travelling. But at its heart, DRIFT is a story about the strength and power of true love. Main character, Abigail, is in her early twenties when she discovers she has the unique ability to “drift:” her soul travels back in time and she relives moments of her past life. But Abigail isn’t alone in her abilities, her new neighbor, Mack, and the ever mysterious James can also drift. A love triangle from their past life follows the trio into the present, as does the dangerous criminal, Nino Roselli, who’s willing to do anything to get his precious diamond necklace back. Their story is riddled with mystery and danger, forcing Mack, Abigail, and James to work together in order to save each other. And while quick thinking and trust are necessary for the defeat of Roselli, the three quickly realize that love is the strongest weapon of all. Exciting from cover to cover, DRIFT is a journey of friendship, love, and perseverance with a unique hook and an interesting mystery.

Favorite lines:

“We stood still for a moment, absorbing what had happened. Mack’s drift had ended when he found me, yet mine continued to come. Whatever the reason was for seeing my past wasn’t resolved. ‘Are you ready?’ James asked. I looked at him, into his dark soulful eyes, and all the anger, the anxiety, the confusion I’d had inside Mack’s apartment melted away. ‘Let’s go.’”

“My heart. My body. My soul. They belonged to him as much as they belonged to me. We were two halves of the same whole, bound together for eternity, and this time, I wasn’t letting go.”