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THE LONGEVITY LIST: Myth Busting the Top Ways to Live a Long and Healthy Life
by Professor Merlin Thomas

THE LONGEVITY LIST: Myth Busting the Top Ways to Live a Long and Healthy Life by Professor Merlin Thomas

229mm x 152mm, Paperback, 352 pages


• An entertaining look at what can really make a difference to our long‐term health, written by a leading medical expert and backed by science.

• Provides the facts about the effectiveness of common lifestyle trends such as quitting sugar, cutting back on caffeine and reducing alcohol consumption.

• Demystifies common conditions such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

• Answers the crucial question: does chocolate make you fat?

Red wine is good for us. Alcohol is bad for us. Cut out sugar. Eat less fat. Eat more fat. Every day we’re bombarded by often-contradictory advice on what to do to keep ourselves healthy. How can we separate fact from fad? Written by a medical clinician, this is the ultimate myth-busting guide to what will really help us live a long and healthy life. Professor Thomas looks at each item on the ‘longevity list’ in turn, analysing why it’s come to be considered a health priority, and giving his scientifically backed verdict on how much attention we really need to pay to it. You’ll learn everything from why taking statins to lower LDL cholesterol might not be a good idea for everyone with higher than desirable levels, to whether there’s a connection between donating blood regularly and living a longer life. Along the way you’ll discover stacks of intriguing, entertaining and often very funny facts. Why do people get drunk more quickly on champagne? Is caffeine really a performance-enhancing drug? Can chocolate improve your sex life? This is the one-stop checklist to living a life that might just see you reach your 100th birthday and beyond!

Merlin Thomas MBChB, PhD, FRACP is Professor of Medicine at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. Professor Thomas is both a physician and a research scientist. His research primarily focuses on diabetes and its complications, and finding practical means for their control, but he has a broader interest in all aspects of preventive medicine and ageing. He has published over 300 articles in many of the world’s leading medical journals, as well as several books including Understanding Type 2 Diabetes and Fast Living, Slow Ageing. He is internationally recognized as a speaker, opinion-leader, teacher and medical storyteller.