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by Sarah Moriarty

NORTH HAVEN by Sarah Moriarty

A perfect summer read, NORTH HAVEN is richly imbued with the local scenery on the Maine island where the novel is set, as well as the universal themes of family legacy; sibling rivalries; and the mysterious world that exists between parents, which their children will never fully understand. This stunning literary debut is currently a Kindle First selection, and will be released by Little A on June 1, 2017.

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Kindle First Selection for May 2017

Letter from the Editor

Perhaps it’s that I come from a large family and I love beautiful old homes, but I immediately connected with this story about four siblings who, having lost both of their parents, must decide what to do with the family’s sprawling and crumbling summerhouse on the Fox Island Thoroughfare in Maine. Between lobster dinners, blueberry picking, and rides out on the dinghy, tensions rise when it becomes clear that the adult Willoughby siblings—two brothers and two sisters—each have their own idea of what to do with the property.

Set in present day over the course of a week in the middle of a hot summer, Sarah Moriarty’s lyrical and moving novel is about much more than what to do with an inheritance; it is about making peace with inheritances of a more emotional kind. The decisions the parents made a long time ago have caused the brothers and sisters to hold back truths from each other. North Haven delves into the secret world that exists between parents, one their children don’t fully understand, much as they may think they do.

I’ve never been to Maine but after reading this novel, I felt like I could taste and smell the salty sea air. I found myself completely engrossed in a big, complicated family who reminded me that even on a picturesque island, there is always more than meets the eye.--Carmen Johnson, Editor

About the Book

Sarah Moriarty’s stunning debut is a portrait of the family scars and faults passed along the generations, brilliantly capturing life on the Maine coastline, where time seems to stand still even as the waters never stop moving.

On an island in Maine, four siblings arrive at their sprawling, old summer place for the Fourth of July. It’s the Willoughbys’ first summer without their parents, and their beloved house is falling apart. When a substantial offer is made on the estate, the two brothers and two sisters are forced to confront issues they had hoped to keep hidden.

An homage to the layers and limits of the family bond, North Haven explores the shifting allegiances between siblings as they contend with their inheritance, the truth of family lore, and even the veracity of their own memories. This lyrical and moving novel delves into the secret world that exists between parents, one their children don’t fully understand, much as they may think they do.

About the Author

Sarah Moriarty received her MFA from The New School and has worked as a writer and editor for A Child Grows in Brooklyn, What to Expect, and Lost magazine, among other digital publications. She taught writing and literature at the College of Staten Island and Saint Ann’s School, where she strived to prove to her students, and herself, that writing is worth the work. Sarah lives with her family in Brooklyn, New York. North Haven is her first novel.