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by Charles C. Mann


Knopf will publish January 2018.

* Charles C. Mann is a multi-week New York Times bestselling author!

* Both Charles Mann’s two previous book were New York Times bestsellers!

About the book: In 40 years, demographers assert, Earth’s population will reach ten billion. Can our world support that? What kind of world will it be? Those answering these questions generally fall into two deeply divided groups—Wizards and Prophets, as Charles Mann calls them in this balanced, authoritative, non-polemical new book. The Prophets, he explains, follow William Vogt, a founding environmentalist who believed that in using more than our planet has to give, our prosperity will lead us to ruin. Cut back! was his mantra. Otherwise everyone will lose! The Wizards are the heirs of Norman Borlaug, whose research, in effect, resulted in extraordinary service to our species producing modern high-yield crops in wheat, rice, and corn and others that then saved millions from starvation. Count on technology! Innovate! was Borlaug’s cry. Only in that way can everyone win! Mann delves into these diverging viewpoints to assess the four great challenges humanity faces—food, water, energy, air and climate change—grounding each in historical context and weighing the options for the future. With our civilization on the line, the author’s insightful analysis is an essential addition to the urgent conversation about how our children will fare on an increasingly crowded Earth.

About the author: Charles C. Mann is a correspondent for The Atlantic Science, and Wired, and has written for Fortune, The New York Times, Smithsonian, Vanity Fair, and The Washington Post, and for HBO and Law & Order. A three-time National Magazine Award finalist, he is the recipient of the writing awards from the Amréterican Bar Association, the American Institute of Physics, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, and the Lannan Foundation. His 1491 won the National Communications Award for the best book of the year and the US National Academy of Sciences’ Keck award for the best book of the year, and both 1491 and the follow-up, 1493, became New York Times bestsellers. He lives in Amherst, Massachusetts. www.charlesmann.org

Foreign sales for Charles Mann’s previous book, 1493: Brazil (Verus), British (Granta), China (China CITIC), France (Albin Michel), French book club (Le Grand Livre du Mois), Germany (Rowohlt), Italy (Mondadori), Japan (Kinokuniya), Korea (Taurus Books), The Netherlands (Nieuw Amsterdam), Poland (Rebis), Portugal (Casa das Letras), Russia (Exmo), Spain (Katz Editores), Taiwan (Acropolis), Turkey (Ileri Yayinlari)