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by Lavie Tidhar

CANDY was sold at auction in Italy to Mondadori (a five figure offer for a two book deal), in France to Bragelonne, in Germany to Loewe (also at auction), and there are offers in from Romania, Poland and the Czech Republic.

What child hasn’t imagined themselves in the role of intrepid detective, solving mysteries in a world their parents have been excluded from? In CANDY, Lavie has created a thrilling, chocolate-mad world that leaps from the page, and his distinct voice and deployed film-noir style perfectly suit the action. He has created a brilliantly accessible and inspiring heroine in Nelle Faulkner, a determined, clever girl willing to follow any lead to get to the bottom of a complex conspiracy.

Nelle’s quest to discover the truth takes her to the high mansions and the low playgrounds of the city. Threatened by gangsters, bullies, and police detectives, Nelle will stop at nothing to solve the case—even when it seems the answers can only be found high on the hill, in the abandoned chocolate factory itself.