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The Dangers of Family Secrets & The Soulmate
by Deb
by Holt

The Dangers of Family Secrets & The Soulmate by Debby Holt

The Dangers of Family Secrets

Secrets in a family are like moths in cashmere...

They dig themselves in and eat their way out...

Freya is a genealogist, but has never paid as much attention to her own family.

When her marriage starts to collapse and her grown-up daughters seem more distant than ever, Freya's reckless abandon startles everyone, and long-hidden secrets begin to emerge.

Accent Press Ltd (June 2017) 256 pages

Electronic manuscript available

The Soulmate

A novel about love, loss and starting again.

Widower Henry Drummond is marking time, drifting towards retirement, until he accidentally saves a life.

His daughter Maddie is at a wedding with the love of her life.

But he is the groom and she is not the bride.

They both decide they need to change their lives, preferably with a soulmate by their sides.

But as Henry's mother tells him, 'Love is a complicated business and it is not for the easily discouraged.'

Strange encounters, humiliations and excitements come along and romance keeps eluding them. Soon family crises get in the way.

But their quest has taken on a life of its own, with surprising consequences for all concerned.

Accent Press Ltd (2016) 320 pages

Electronic manuscript available

"...deliciously funny, gently ironic...." - Australian Women's Weekly

"...another astute look at relationships.." - The Bookseller

"This brilliant and witty book by Debby Holt is sure to keep you entertained." - OK! Magazine

"A wickedly comical read" - Heat Magazine

"...Fun, romantic and full of surprises, this is perfect winter reading." - Closer

"...An enjoyable read with a splash of mystery." - Woman