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PUG: How to be the best you
by Helen James

PUG: How to be the best you by Helen James

SPECIFICATIONS 203mm x 203mm, Hardback, 64 pages

RRP $19.99

October 2017, 9781925335620

CATEGORY Humour/Self-help IMPRINT Exisle Publishing


• Gorgeous cute book using popular dog breed’s insights into getting on well with life.

• Pugs are among the most loved dogs and this pug’s visits to other animals makes this a universally lovable package

• Unique fun fresh gift book for everyone.

Pugs have been around for centuries but there is something new about a pug self-help book. Pugs have been the favorite pets of Chinese Emperors and even lived with Tibetan Monks. So, it’s not surprising that they’ve gathered a wealth of wisdom.

With a unique illustration on one side and succinct advice on the other side this book has become a gorgeous gift, a fun item to have on the coffee table to dip into time and time again. It will be loved by those who care about thoughts and the unique and will be adored by millions of pug lovers who always suspected there was something extra to their loved pet.


Helen James has spent 25 years in the USA running a design and wholesale import business. She has been a graphic artist, clinical psychologist consultant and executive. She has great media contacts and experience.